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I wasn't there when the Fire Nation attacked my people. I'm gonna make a difference this time.
~ Aang.

Avatar Aang is the titular main protagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender and the posthumous overarching protagonist of the series sequel, The Legend of Korra.

He spent most of the series spending time with his friends and trying to master the four elements as part of his Avatar duties, while evading or fending off the pursuing Fire Nation inhabitants such as Zuko, Zhao, Azula and Ozai, who are bent on having him captured.

He was voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen during Avatar: The Last Airbender and D.B. Sweeney during The Legend of Korra.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

Book One: Water

  • Holds a pacifistic nature and values all life equally, only using defensive or non-lethal attacks when forced to fight and preferring to find other methods besides combat to settle disputes.
  • Though Aang ran away from home and got himself trapped in an iceberg for a century, he expressed great remorse at abandoning his duty and seeing what the world became in his absence, vowing to change it for the better, and his reasonings behind this is because of how young he was, not feeling the urge to go out in war that conflicts with the nature of his character.
  • Initially surrendered himself to Zuko and his navy so that they don't raze the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Saved Kyoshi Island from being destroyed by Zuko and his soldiers.
  • Accepted Bumi's challenges to save Katara and Sokka as soon as possible. He didn't know they were not in any real danger at the time.
  • Helped Katara infiltrate the prison for the earthbenders so that they can be rescued.
  • Stopped Jet from destroying the occupied Fire Nation village, alongside Katara.
  • Told a false story about the history of two clans that hated one another, not for the sake of deceit or manipulation, but so their bitterness, up to willingness to take up arms against one another, would permanently cease.
  • After learning Zuko rescued Aang from Zhao, instead of leaving him there to be captured, Aang decided to return the favor and helped Zuko to safety. After saving him, Aang talked to Zuko, wondering if things could be different between them and actually offering him friendship. Though Zuko initially refused, his words would carry an impact to Zuko, who'd remember them when attempting to join Team Avatar.
  • Helped to stop a volcano from destroying the Fortuneteller's village, diverting it away using his airbending at the correct moment.
  • While he initially hid the location of Pakoda from Katara and Sokka out of fear of being abandoned by them, he eventually realized his mistake and gave them the scroll with his location, accepting their anger and preparing to leave alone.
  • While initially impulsive and slightly disrespectful when learning firebending from Jeong Jeong, he later tries to be more patient with his teaching methods, and is horrified when he accidentally burns Katara.
  • Allowed the Earth Kingdom refugees to stay at the Northern Air Temple, despite him initially being furious at them for unknowingly defacing the Temple. This would be the right thing to do, as Zuko would later redeem himself and become Aang's firebending teacher.
  • He initially refused to learn waterbending from Pakku when Katara would not be mentored, only reluctantly agreeing to be trained under him when convinced by Katara. He then tried to help Katara by teaching her what he’d learned from Pakku.
  • He defended the Northern Water Tribe from the Fire Nation navy, immobilizing more than a dozen ships instead of destroying them to prevent any deaths.
  • While he did kill some Fire Nation soldiers, this was under the Avatar State and the fusion with the Water Spirit. Furthermore, this was the only way for the Fire Nation to retreat and keep the Northern Water Tribe safe.

Book Two: Earth

  • After seeing the lives that were being lost in the war by General Fong, attempted to follow his suggestion of fighting the Fire Lord with the Avatar state and without having learned the other elements despite knowing the risks and the trauma of entering the Avatar state in order to put an end to the war and the people that were dying, though Fong's excessive methods to have Aang enter the Avatar state caused him to abandon this method and return to their original plan.
  • Aang returned Tom-Tom to his parents, who are of the Fire Nation and had to do so secretly.
  • He saved Chin Village from being taken over by the Rough Rhinos, even though they attempted to sentence him to death by placing him in boiling oil.
  • He attempted to peacefully ask Toph to be his earthbending teacher and encouraged her to live a free life with Team Avatar.
  • Though Aang did yell at Toph when she said Appa's shedding fur left a trail that allowed Azula to keep finding them, this was mainly due to the stress of not sleeping and their situation, and he immediately felt remorse for his harsh words.
  • Saved Sokka from a mother Saber-toothed Moose Lion.
  • While he was in Wan Shi Tong's library, Aang was uncomfortable of abusing the Spirit's trust and tried to warn Sokka of the dangers of doing so.
  • He learned from his mistakes he had made and overcame his flaws. When Appa was captured, Aang went through an extremely difficult time coping with the situation, with The Desert where he was at his worst when he blamed Toph for Appa's disappearance, viciously attacked the sandbenders and conjured a sandstorm in the Avatar State when he found out that they took Appa from him and traded him to the Fire Nation circus, and only calmed down and reduced to tears when Katara hugged him. After the incident, he felt very remorseful over his actions. Despite this, the sight of a newborn baby gave him new found hope, which contributed to him reverting to his old self while becoming more mature than he was before.
  • Stopped the Fire Nation's Drill from destroying Ba Sing Se's walls.
  • He created a new sanctuary for a group of zoo animals in Ba Sing Se.
  • He and the rest of the gang expose Long Feng’s conspiracy and corruption to the Earth King, stopping him from brainwashing the citizens.
  • He refused to sacrifice his love for Katara to master the Avatar state, immediately returning to Ba Sing Se when he sensed she was in trouble.
  • He reluctantly chose to abandon his earthly attachments in order to master the Avatar state and protect his friends.

Book Three: Fire

  • Wanted to reveal himself as the Avatar so that the world doesn't fall into despair thinking that the Avatar has died again.
  • He feels incredible guilt over having failed to master the Avatar state and nearly dying in Ba Sing Se.
  • When an envious boyfriend picked a fight with him while enrolled in Fire Nation school, he peacefully won by exclusively dodging and did not feel ill will when he was blamed for said boyfriend "crying," which earned Aang a warning from the school.
  • Aang decided to host a secret dance party for the students at his school, teaching them all to be more expressive and enjoy themselves.
  • Aang believed that there is a trace of good in the people of the Fire Nation after learning of Avatar Roku's rough past with his former friend Fire Lord Sozin.
  • Accepted Zuko as his firebending teacher after Zuko saved Team Avatar from Combustion Man.
  • Was deemed worthy by the firebending masters, Ran and Shao, to learn the true essence of firebending. He also decided to keep the secret of the Sun Warriors, alongside Zuko, so that the dragons won't be hunted again.
  • When Katara goes to get revenge on her mother's killer, he attempts to talk her out of it. Even when learning she still intends to get revenge, he doesn't stop her or try to force her to do what he believes is right, allowing her to take Appa so she could face her mother's killer, something which Katara is grateful for.
  • Aang taught Katara about forgiving the people who wronged her, including the person who killed her mother. While she spares her mother's killer, she doesn't forgive him, but she does forgive Zuko for all the trouble he put them through and established a friendship.
  • Aang was extremely reluctant and unwilling to murder Ozai despite acknowledging him as a terrible person, still viewing him as a human.
  • Politely refused all the previous Avatars as they suggested that the only solution available is to kill Ozai before he burns down the Earth Kingdom.
    • He was even horrified that the previous avatars were right and that he had to kill Ozai. However, that wouldn't be the cause as he found another way to defeat Ozai.
  • Before fighting, Aang offered Ozai the chance to end things peacefully and stop his plans for world domination.
  • Even before preparing to deal the finishing blow and end Ozai's life, Aang is unable to do the deed and stops at the last second.
  • Aang showed much reluctance to murder his enemies, including Ozai, and sought a better way to defeat him and ensure he doesn't cause any more harm and destruction, and he did so through energy-bending, which deprives Ozai of his firebending power and had him imprisoned.
  • Aang defeated Ozai, ending the tyrannical reign of the Fire Nation and replacing it with a new era of peace when Zuko was then promoted to Fire Lord after defeating Azula.

Sequel comics

  • He helped various citizens from spirits and Azula and later started building The United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and non-benders can live together.
  • Refused to consider killing Zuko when the latter hesitated in the Harmony Restoration Movement.
  • Agreed to Zuko's solution regarding the older Fire Nation colonies to maintain peace and unity between Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

Before The Legend of Korra

  • He guided his successor Korra to become the Avatar. He tried to warn her about Amon being the son of Yakone, but she only got clues. After she defeated Amon, Aang appeared to her and restored her bending to the other elements and giving her Energybending as well.
  • He took Yakone's waterbending away so he won't use it to bloodbend another person again. He didn't feel great doing it, but he knew what had to be done.
  • While rebuilding the Air Nation, Aang trained his only airbending son Tenzin to become a great airbender and teacher.
  • He loved all three of his kids Bumi, Kya and Tenzin, equally, but due to his responsibilities as the last airbender and as the Avatar, he spent more time with Tenzin, and according to Tenzin, he died in regret for not spending time with Bumi and Kya. He also wanted Tenzin to lead his siblings into rebuilding the Air Nation, and not doing it all by himself. After marrying Katara and having children, both of them were supportive towards her daughter Kya for being a lesbian.

The Legend of Korra

  • He helped Tenzin through the Fog of Loss Souls by reminding him that pretending to be someone you are not is wrong. This allowed Tenzin to finally awaken his spiritual side.


  • Aang is the icon of the Pure Good Wiki.
  • Aang and Wan are the only Avatars to be Pure Good.
  • Aang, Tenzin and Jinora are the only airbenders to be Pure Good. Ironically, they are all related.

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