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Aladar is the main protagonist of the Disney animated film, Dinosaur. He was found by a group of lemurs on a remote island, but after being forced off the island by a meteor, encountered a herd of dinosaurs and led them to their new home.

He was voiced by D.B. Sweeney, who also voiced Sitka in Brother Bear and Aang in The Legend of Korra.



Aladar presents himself as a very kind, compassionate and determined individual. He cares very deeply for his adopted family and grows attached to the weak members of the herd. He is averse to Kron's survival of the fittest mentality, and attempts to ensure that every member of the herd survives. Aladar prefers not to use violence, only fighting against Kron when the safety of the herd was at stake and when Kron refused to listen to reason.

Power and Abilities

As an Iguanadon, Aladar possesses incredible animal strength, being able to hold his own against both Kron and a Carnataurus by himself, albeit momentarily. Aladar also possesses remarkable leadership skills, able to convince the herd to follow him to the nesting grounds and have them stand together against the lone Carnotaurus.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He holds a very compassionate and kind nature, supporting his family and playing with Suri in his free time.
  • When the meteor strikes, he saves his adopted family from being killed by the aftershocks of the meteor impact.
  • He, along with the rest of his family, respectfully roars to honor the fallen monkeys who were killed in the explosion.
  • He saves his family from being eaten by velociraptors, who are very dangerous animals who have the habit of stalking the weak members of the herd.
  • He quickly befriends the stragglers of the herd and opens up to them, getting them to have confidence in themselves and believe they have worth.
  • He attempts to calmly ask Kron to slow the pace down in order to allow for the weaker members of the herd to keep up.
  • While on their way to the Nesting Grounds, he constantly helps Eema when she's close to exhaustion to save her from being eaten by Velociraptors.
  • When Kron orders the herd to keep moving when they find no water, Aladar discovers water with the help of Baylene, saving the herd from being driven to death by dehydration.
  • He helps two young Iguanadons who're too scared to get some water, getting them to stop bickering amongst themselves in the process.
  • He talks with Neera, helping her to regain her compassionate side and help the weaker members of the herd instead of following her brother's philosophy.
  • When Kron attempts to move the herd out to escape the Carnataurs while planning to sacrifice the stragglers to slow them down, he tries to stop the herd and convince them to wait and not leave any one of them behind.
  • When he encounters an injured Bruton, Aladar chooses to help him in spite of his rude and aggressive attitude towards him. Later, upon seeing a limping Bruton, he helps him into the cave and even offers to have him sit with the others for warmth.
  • He attempts to save Bruton when the cave collapses on top of them, and later mourns his death.
  • When making it to the Nesting Grounds, upon seeing the original entrance blocked off, he goes to find the herd and stop them before they try to climb it.
  • Upon encountering the herd, he tries to convince them of going a safer way to the Nesting Grounds.
  • He only resorts to fighting Kron after he charges toward him and refuses to listen to reason.
  • When the Carnotaurus arrives, he has the herd stand together against the predator, roaring in defiance against it and convincing the other members of the herd to stand against the Carnotaurus.
  • When the Carnotaurus targets Kron, he goes to try and save Kron from the carnivorous dinosaur despite his better judgement and despite the fact that Kron tried to kill him shortly before.
  • Aladar defeats the Carnotaurus, preventing it from killing any other members of the herd.
  • He mourns the death of Kron even after he constantly threatened and nearly killed him.
  • He manages to get every member of the herd safely to the Nesting Grounds.


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