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Alfred Pennyworth is the chief protagonist in the Dark Knight trilogy. He is the butler of Bruce Wayne, whom he has nurtured since he was born and continued to after his parents were murdered, providing him with wisdom and insight.

He is portrayed by Michael Caine.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He assures a young Bruce Wayne that he was not responsible for the murder of his parents.
  • He assists Bruce Wayne in acquiring the tools needed for him to become Batman, and suggests that he adopts a playboy persona to downplay public suspicion that he is Batman.
  • He reminds Bruce not to get too carried away with his Batman persona after seeing the property destruction he was responsible for on television.
  • As he returns to a burning Wayne Manor after taking Rachel home, he takes down a League of Shadows member to rescue Bruce.
  • When Wayne Manor is burned down and Bruce feels like he has let his family's legacy down, Alfred assures Bruce that it is not just about the manor, and that he will never give up on him. This motivates Bruce to defeat Ra's al Ghul.
  • He helps Bruce stitch up a wound caused from a dog bite.
  • As Bruce is trying to understand the Joker's motives, he gives insight on what type of person he may be, based on his own personal experience in his military career in dealing with the Burmese Bandit.
  • He talks Bruce out of turning himself into the police.
  • He helps Bruce save Coleman Reese from getting murdered.
  • He tells Bruce how he caught the Burmese Bandit, by "burning the forest down." Bruce adopts a similar idea which leads to him successfully taking down the Joker.
  • He burns Rachel's letter detailing that he would marry Harvey Dent, feeling that it served him no benefit and it would cause him more pain than good.
  • He encourages Bruce to get back into the world after spending so much time living in reclusion.
  • When Bruce returns to being Batman after eight years of absence, he tries to talk him out of it. He remarks that he has nothing left to gain from doing so, by going to the length of abandoning him completely, feeling that it was the last resort he could do and believing it would make the difference between life and death.


  • Alfred is one of the two Dark Knight trilogy heroes to be Pure Good, alongside James Gordon.

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