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Ali Abdul (Korean: 알리 압둘), also referred to as Player 199, is a main character in the first season of the South Korean Netflix drama TV series Squid Game. Ali is a migrant worker from Pakistan that came to South Korea with his wife and child, and later joined the Squid Game to win the prize money for his family. During the games, Ali joins Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo's team.

He was portrayed by Anupam Tripathi.

What makes him Pure Good?

  • Unlike many others in the Squid Game, Ali was not invited to join because of a debt, but because he was poor due to reasons that weren't his fault.
  • He saves Seong Gi-hun in the first game (Red Light, Green Light), even before the two of them knowing each other.
  • Voted to end the Squid Games with no hesitation, not wanting more people to die.
  • Although he caused his boss to crush his fingers with a crusher, it is worth noting that this was accidental, with Ali being horrified at the result and his employer also refused to pay the money he needed for his wife and his 1 year old child.
  • Gave the money he stole from his boss to his wife, so that she and their child could get back to Pakistan safely.
  • Chose to go back to the Squid Game and risk his own life to help his family.
  • He is shown to be polite and humble, repeatedly thanking Cho Sang-woo for giving him money for the bus, allowing him to use his phone and buying food for him.
  • He is honest and never lied to anyone in the series, even admitting to his team that he doesn't know the Korean children's games.
  • He constantly shows concern for other members of his team and is always happy and relieved when they survive the games.
  • During the night fight after the second game, he saves Gi-hun again with the help of Sang-woo and defends his group from Deok-su's team.
  • Despite somewhat playfully mocking Han Mi-nyeo after the third game, this is to point out that she wasn't telling the truth about trusting Sang-woo with his plan during the Tug-of-War. And even then, the scene is played somewhat for laughs.
  • After the Tug-of-War game, he keeps night watch with Sang-woo to alert their team if Deok-su tries anymore attacks while also giving the corn he received for dinner to Sang-woo in gratitude for saving his life during the third game.
  • He asks a masked soldier to play the Marbles game with a different contestant than with Sang-woo, because he doesn't want to cause his friend's death.
  • Despite him not be willing to sacrifice himself for Sang-woo in the Marbles game (as Ji-yeong did for Sae-byeok), it is understandable as Ali tells Sang-woo that he also has a family waiting for him to return.
  • He is trusting and naive, to the point that he believes when Sang-woo says that there is a way for them both survive the Marbles game and gives his marble pouch to him. This ultimately is a trick, causing Ali's downfall. However, he doesn't show anger after being betrayed. He only demonstrates distraughtness and sadness when he is about to die and his death is played for sympathy.
  • He has none of the corrupting factors that the other characters have. In the end, Ali was simply too kind and pure to survive the Squid Games.


  • He is the only Squid Game character so far to be Pure Good.

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