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All Might is the deuteragonist in the manga and anime series, My Hero Academia. He served as the Symbol of Peace and the number one hero for several years, but after his retirement, serves as a guiding figure for his successor, Izuku Midoriya.


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What makes him Pure Good?

  • Unlike most other people, All Might only wanted to become a hero as a means of giving people hope in a country that was marred with crime and acting as a symbol for them to believe in.
  • Maintains a friendly, positive and understanding attitude towards everyone, not being bothered by individuals who act disrespectfully towards him, such as Katsuki and Endeavor.
  • Successfully toppled All For One's criminal empire and defeated the Symbol of Evil himself, ending his tyrannical reign over Japan and influence over the world.
  • As the Symbol of Peace, brought about an era of peace and prosperity, saving thousands of lives through his many years of service to Japan and giving people hope all around the world.
  • Defeated more than one hundred Instant Villains while saving many civilians all in the span of three seconds.
  • During the Sky Egg incident, saved the lives of both Captain Celebrity and Koichi Hamiwari, preventing the Sky Egg from falling and saving countless lives in the process.
  • After his battle with All For One, despite having been grievously injured and having been warned of his impending death by his sidekick if he continued working as a hero, chose to continue acting as the Symbol of Peace.
  • Saves Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo from the Sludge Villain.
  • Upon being inspired by Izuku, chose to risk his life in spite of the risks that it would entail due to the time limit of his power having run out, saving both Izuku and Katsuki.
  • He is the first person to believe in Izuku's dream of becoming a hero, admiring him for his noble character and choosing him as his successor in spite of him being quirkless.
  • During the U.S.J. incident, he puts his life on the line and pushes himself past his limits to defeat the Nomu and keep his students safe.
  • Saves Aizawa, Izuku, Asui and Mineta from Tomura Shigaraki and the Nomu.
  • When Izuku believes he did nothing to help during the fight, All Might comforts Izuku and assures him if he hadn't acted when he did, Tomura would've killed All Might.
  • He apologizes to Izuku for not being there to help him during his fight with the Hero Killer despite not having a reason to apologize.
  • He apologizes again to Izuku for not being there to save him during his confrontation with Shigaraki.
  • Defeats All For One once again during their second confrontation, going past his limits and yet again risking his life to vanquish the Symbol of Evil a second time.
    • Easily could have dodged All For One’s attack but willingly stopped it upfront, knowing his true form would be exposed, to protect one injured civilian.
    • Saved Gran Torino from being killed by All For One.
  • Puts no responsibility or blame on Katsuki for forcing him to fight against All For One at the warehouse, consoling him when he believed himself responsible for putting an end to the Symbol of Peace.
  • At the beach, he commends Izuku for his bravery and successfully rescuing Katsuki from the League of Villains, hugging him and promising his student that he'll devote himself entirely to training him as the next Symbol of Peace.
  • Sincerely apologized to Izuku's mother, Inko, for failing to be an effective teacher to Izuku, getting on his knees and begging her to allow him to behave as Izuku's teacher and protect him with his life.
  • Helps Endeavor become a better person and hero through his words of wisdom during the Remedial Course.
  • Is horrified to see Endeavor getting overpowered and seriously injured on live tv, wishing he could be there to help him.
  • Despite having lost his power, still chooses to assist Izuku in his fight against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki in whatever way he can, even leaving U.A. with him.
  • Takes a woman with a mutant quirk who was wandering through the city alone to a nearby evacuation shelter.
  • He tries to keep helping Izuku and make sure he's properly nourished, and is heartbroken when he sees Izuku go off on his own, noting the immense burden placed on his shoulders and wanting to tell him to take a rest.

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