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Balmerans, this is Princess Allura. You don’t know me, but I am here to help. I know what it’s like to watch your home planet die. For I come from planet Altea, a planet that has long been destroyed by the Galra. But I refuse to give up. And now, you all have the same choice. You can decide now to devote your lives to making sure this never happens to another planet. I am eternally sorry for what has happened to the Balmera, but I beg you, do not let it’s dying be in vain. Honor the Balmera’s death by refusing to give up. Join me in my fight against the Galra.
~ Allura sympathizing with the Balmerans and inspiring them not to give up and die but instead join the Voltron Alliance and help stop the Galra.
Fellow members of the Voltron Coalition, if you are hearing me now, it is because you have pledged to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in our fight against Zarkon's enslavement of the free peoples of the universe. But that enslavement is about to be dealt a crushing blow. The time for a full-scale attack on the Galra Empire is now. Far in the future, when they speak of this day, they will speak of our sacrifice but they will also remember this as the day that freedom began to overtake tyranny. You all have your missions. You know what to do. Good luck. We’ll see you on the other side.
~ Allura rallying the entire Voltron Alliance to launch a full-scale attack on the Galra Empire.

Allura, also known as Princess Allura, is one of the main protagonists of Voltron: Legendary Defender. She was the princess of the planet Altea and daughter of the late creator of Voltron, King Alfor, who was locked in stasis for 10,000 years after the original leader of Voltron and King Alfor’s best friend, Emperor Zarkon turned evil and murdered Alfor and destroyed Altea before going to conquer most of the universe in his quest to capture the Voltron lions Alfor sent away. Upon being awoken by five human explorers in the present, she would convince them to become the next Paladins of Voltron and liberate the universe from Zarkon’s tyranny. Following Shiro’s death, she would become the new Blue Paladin. She is the founder of Team Voltron and the intergalactic resistance against the Galra Empire.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She freed Coran from his 10,000 year stasis.
  • She formed Team Voltron by convincing the five human explorers to become the new Paladins, assigning each of them a lion and sending them to get them, informing them that once they have all five lions, they will form Voltron, the most powerful warrior and defender of the universe. Once they got three of the lions, she gave them all their suits of armor and the bayards, the weapons of the paladins, before sending them to get the Red Lion from Sendak’s ship so they would have the four lions necessary to free the sealed black lion and form Voltron.
  • Although she was kind of strict with the paladins in trying to get them to form Voltron, it turned out that it was a trick to get them to unite against her and work as a team instead of bickering with each other and allowed them to finally form Voltron on their own and work together as a team, with her revealing her ruse and how she believed in the paladins all along and the paladins realizing she was right, with her congratulating them on working together as a team.
  • She stopped Keith from attacking a local Arusian warrior and reminded him and the group that part of the paladin’s mission is to spread peace and diplomacy and they should always resort to peace first before violence, apologizing to the Arusian warrior on Keith’s behalf and leading the paladins to the Arusian village to thank them for hosting her and the Castle of Lions and stopping the Arusians from killing themselves as sacrifices to her when they thought she was the lion goddess. Instead, she told them she wasn’t a great being worthy of their worship and apologized to them for the Galra Empire attacks, proclaiming that Voltron would protect them and every innocent being throughout the universe. She evacuated the Arusians when a Galra mech attacked and put up with the Arusians antics even allowing them to host a “play production” in the Castle of Lions before the heroes would depart and giving the Arusian leader a communicator to contact the heroes whenever they need help and inducting them as the first planet of the Voltron Alliance.
  • She defeated and imprisoned Sendak in a cryo-pod and retook control of the Castle of Lions.
  • She led the paladins in answering a mysterious distress call, reminding Hunk that they had to help everyone in need and held no animosity towards Rolo and Nyma when they betrayed them and tried to steal the Voltron lions to give to Zarkon and get themselves a pardon.
  • She destroyed the Galra fleet occupying the Balmera, liberating the planet and gave an inspiring speech to the Balmerans to convince them to evacuate and join the fight with her once the Balmera was dying due to Galra greed but once she learned she could heal it via an ancient Altean ceremony, she decided to do it even though she could die as Coran pointed out, successfully saving the planet from being destroyed.
  • She breaks free of the trance Alfor’s corrupted A.I. put her under and destroys the A.I.’s power source to save the Castle of Lions and Team Voltron, even though it meant losing any memory of her father forever, tearfully bidding him farewell and immediately opening a wormhole to escape the exploding star the A.I sent them to.
  • She infiltrated a Galra ship heading to Central Command with Shiro to download a map of the Galra Empire so they could begin to properly plan to liberate the universe and sacrificed herself by throwing Shiro into the closing escape pod so he could escape while she got captured, smiling to Shiro to silently assure him that he got this.
  • She led the Blade of Marmora in infiltrating Galra Central Command, defeating Haggar and destroying the Komar herself to protect Voltron and prevent the Galra Empire from absorbing the quintessence and destroying any other planets with it.
  • She would convince Keith to become the new black paladin following Shiro’s death and convinced Lance to take up the Red Lion once it called to him, acting incredibly supportive towards both of them and becoming the new blue paladin when the Blue Lion accepted her for her selflessness.
  • She led Team Voltron in answering an Altean distress call and entering into an alternate reality where the Alteans lived and an alternate-reality version of her defeated the Galra 10,000 years but once she realized that this Altean Empire had brainwashed and enslaved the universe, she along with the rest of Team Voltron took the trans-reality comet that brought them and escaped the universe and closed the portal, saving the multiverse from being attacked and enslaved by the new Altean Empire.
  • She rallied the entire Voltron Coalition to launch a full-scale attack on the Galra Empire to take back one-third of the empire.
  • With some inspiration from Lance, she saved Voltron from being crushed to death by Haggar’s magical weapon/planet Naxela.
  • She was the first hero to trust Prince Lotor despite his past crimes and comforted him after he killed his father Zarkon and before his meeting with the paladins, telling him what he did was for the greater good and it proved to many of them, herself included, of his intentions for peace and reforming the Empire and thanked him for everything he sacrificed.
  • She discovered the map to the magical realm of Oriande which was the source of Altean alchemy and would be the key to discovering how to travel to the interdimensional barrier between realities and get unlimited quintessence to transition the Galra Empire to a peaceful existence and end the war, traveling to Oriande with Lotor as they had the marks of the chosen that allowed entry and sympathizing with Lotor’s tragic backstory and thanking him for helping her (and falling in love with him as well). Unlike Lotor who failed the test to learn the secrets of Altean alchemy, she realized that peace was the answer and to gain the secrets of life, she had to be willing to sacrifice her own which deemed her worthy from the guardians of Oriande to gain the secrets of Altean alchemy and telling the paladins when they congratulated her that she couldn’t have done it without Lotor.
  • She led Team Voltron in traveling to the Omega Shield Galra planet to save it after Sendak destroyed the radiation repelling shield and revived/healed Lance after he sacrificed himself to take a shot for her
  • She helped build Lotor’s ships and infused them with Altean magic she learned from Oriande to enable them to cross into the quintessence field between realities, going with him to successfully test it out. However, once she came back and learned from the paladins and the Atlean Romelle that Lotor had been lying to them and had rescued some offworld Altean survivors from the destruction of Altea and brought them to a colony, only to have been secretly torturing thousands of them (including children like Romelle’s brother) to death to extract their quintessence and had been using her, she knocked out Lotor and feeling immense remorse for helping him built his ships after he escaped even though Lance pointed out it wasn’t her fault as Lotor did everything right and fooled everyone, hugging and thanking Lance for comforting her.
  • She focused the paladin’s energy to allow Voltron to break through the interdimensional barrier to confront Lotor and channeled Voltron’s energy to short circuit his mech and defeat him, saving the multiverse. She also stopped the paladin’s from getting corrupted by the quintessence in their rage against Lotor and pointed out that they had to leave the field.
  • Despite everything Lotor did, especially to her specifically, she was the only paladin who adamantly wanted to save Lotor and get him out of the quintessence field but reluctantly agreed with the other paladins to leave since staying in the field would destroy them and there was no other choice.
  • She revived Shiro by transferring his spirit from the Black Lion into his dead clone and built him a new robotic arm.
  • She saved Earth from being destroyed by Sendak and Honerva's robeast with the other paladins.
  • She healed a park Lance took her to for their first date and blamed herself for the Galra invasion of Earth even though as Lance points out it wasn't her fault at all and meeting her and getting involved in the resistance was the best thing that ever happened to him and kissed him after he confessed his feelings for her, beginning their relationship.
  • She apologized to Galra Warlord Lahn for Team Voltron being gone for so long and Sendak attacking him, assuring him it wasn't their intent to be gone for so long and trying to get him to join the Voltron Coalition and end the war peacefully with the other paladins. She sympathized with Lahn and had a conversation with him about their similarities and saved him from a Galra superweapon which along with Keith saving him would finally convince him to admit he was wrong and join the Voltron Coalition.
  • Although she absorbed a dark entity, it didn’t affect her moral agency and she was able to use it to psychically transport Team Voltron through the void and into Honerva’s mind to learn her plan, using the power of the entity to expose the corrupted souls attacking them as the spirits of the original paladins and call forth the lions, allowing the lions to free the original paladins from Honerva’s curse and free them. She would also give an amnesiac Zarkon his memories back which would allow him to make a true redemption and help her and the other paladins escape Honerva’s mind once learning of her plan to pierce through reality after reality to find a family she could be in even though it would result in the destruction of the multiverse.
  • She redeemed Honerva by reminding her of who she once was and convinced her to help her undo what she did.
  • She sacrificed herself to revive the multiverse and restore Altea and the Galra planet Daibaazal, bidding each of the paladins a special goodbye as while Voltron may nol longer be needed, they still could do so much and journeying forth with the original paladins, Zarkon, Lotor, and Honerva to the afterlife.
  • She would posthumously inspire the paladins to continue forth in spreading peace throughout the universe with Keith pointing out how she gave the Galra a second chance by reviving their homeworld to make up for their past wrongdoings, Hunk using her memory and cooking to unite warring races together, and Lance spreading her belief of seeing the good in everyone, even people like Zarkon to others.
  • Although she was initially distrustful of the Galra resistance group the Blade of Marmora and became distant with Keith upon discovering he was part-Galra, she realized she was the one causing pain and apologized for her prejudice, hugging Keith and pleading with him to come back safe from his mission to infiltrate Galra Central Command. Not only would she abandon any prejudice but she would do a complete 180 and become the most sympathetic and forgiving towards the Galra from Team Voltron, being the first to trust Zarkon’s son Prince Lotor, comforting him after he killed his father to save Team Votlron and working with him to end the war peacefully and reform the Galra Empire. She would be the one who convinced the rest of Team Voltron that they had to save the Galra planet, Omega, from destruction even if they opposed Team Voltron and sympathized with Warlord Lahn and helped redeem him. She would even forgive and redeem Haggar/Honerva and Zarkon themselves with Lance even pointing out in the finale that she grew to see the good in everyone, even Zarkon.


  • She, along with Hunk and Shiro, are the only three PG heroes in Voltron: Legendary Defender.
  • She is the only major Pure Good hero in Voltron: Legendary Defender to permanently die.

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