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Aluche Anatoria, also called Al, is the protagonist of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. She is a Holy Knight under the Curia's order. After being killed by the Moon Queen, she is revived as an half demon.

What Makes Her Pure Good ?

  • She saved Liliana from friends who were attacking her.
  • After being revived as a half demon and being reunited with Ruenheid, the two decided to work together to find Liliana.
  • After beating Veruschka(who tried to kill her due to her being an half demon), she brings her to the hotel so that she can recover.
  • She saved Muveil who was corrupted by removing the Blue Blood from her.
  • She saved Arnice who has become corrupted because of the Moon Queen by removing the Blue Blood from her. This allowed Arnice to regain her memory.
  • She saved Ruenheid who was kidnapped by Vallderossa.
  • When Vallderossa tells her that human and demon could never live together, Aluche claims that human and demon can coexist and that she learned from her friends that people are not defined by if they are a demon or not.
  • She feels pity for Vallderossa when the latter dies, despite what she has done.
  • In the True Ending, she sacrifices herself with Liliana to contains Malvasia and so that the Eternal Night will not spread.
  • In the The Foreigner in a Wonderland of Sweets, she helps Eleanor to find the Legendary Cocoa Butter.
  • In the Time Drifts Through the Moonlit Night,
    • She tries to find a way to saves the Black Shadow.
    • When she learns that the Black Shadow is in fact Alstromeria and that the latter was in love with Malvasia, Aluche didn't think that their love was wrong despite what the people said at the time.
    • She used the Memory Mirroir on Alstromeria so that the latter could recover her memories.
    • She tries to help Malvasia's fragment and only fights her because the latter attacked her.
  • She helps her friends in their Lily Stories.


  • She is, alongside Liliana Selphin, one of the two Nights Of Azure heroes to be Pure Good.

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