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All I wanted was this town's respect! But just because these people treated me crummy doesn't mean I'm gonna do the same to them. I'm done with this! I don't care if they've broken the law, you can't treat people like this!
~ Anne stands up for Wartwood citizens.
You know, before I ended up in Amphibia, I didn't care about right and wrong: I just did what was easy, I let people walk all over me. And I think, that's because I didn't love myself, not really. But meeting you three has changed all of that, and these months we spent together has showed me the person I really wanna be. Trap or not, I have to do this!
~ Anne tells Plantars how they and months in Amphibia helped her mature.
Change can be difficult, but it's how we grow. It can be the hardest thing to realize, that you can't hold on something forever. Sometimes, you have to let it go... But of the things you let go, you'd be suprised what makes its way back to you.
~ Anne narrating the end of the series.

Anne Savisa Boonchuy is the main protagonist of the Disney Channel series, Amphibia.

She is a 13-year-old Thai-American girl from Los Angeles, USA, who was transported to the marsh world of Amphibia with her best friends, Sasha and Marcy, after opening the mysterious relic known as the Calamity Box. After arriving, she ends up befriending local anthropomorphic frogs, eventually becoming an honorary member of the Plantar family and best friend to Sprig Plantar. Anne later suffers betrayals from her human friends, but after making it through many obstacles, she became a truly heroic, kind-hearted and brave girl, willing to help others and learn from her mistakes. She represents the Blue Gem of Heart on Calamity Box.

She was voiced by Brenda Song.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

In General

  • Although she started off as an anti-hero, having numerous moments of being mischievous, irresponsible, reckless, jerkish, and stubborn, by the time of the series' ending, she subverts all of them, never showing them again. She also admits that while she made many dumb mistakes, she is willing to make up for them and continue shape herself by learning from the past.
  • Although she acted like a jerk to the Plantars on some occasions and endangered them numerous times, this was subverted. Anne ultimately cares for her adoptive family's well-being, feeling remorseful over her mistakes, and some of her bad acts were even for the greater good.
  • While she initially got mad at Sasha for acting as a controlling bully to her and at Marcy for selfishly kick-starting the whole series, Anne later forgave them, before their friendship became even stronger than before. She also encouraged Sasha not to be afraid of her old self, saying that it matters who they are now and particularly sympathized with Marcy for starting series, as Anne agreed to Sasha that they didn't pay much attention to her interests.
  • While she endangered Wartwood on some occasions, she later became honest to the citizens and was remorseful over her acts.


  • Though she steal the Calamity Box from the thrift store, it is because she was forced by Sasha and Marcy to do so, and also felt remorseful for doing so.

Season 1

  • After hearing about the arrival of a giant mantis, she saved Sprig, whom she originally captured, and even stood up for all of Wartwood to stop the mantis (especially after Sprig selflessly freed her and tried to take on the mantis himself), despite the citizens trying to kill her.
  • Although she convinced Sprig to sneak away from the house and go to the lake despite it being closed, her pressure wasn't as bad as Sasha's or Marcy's. Also, Anne did it only to make feel Sprig comfortable about seeing her as a friend, since he didn't have any friends during this time.
  • She tried to help Sprig and Hop Pop with their respective love interests, Ivy and Sylvia, and even apologized when she realized that she pushed for it too hard.
  • In order to earn Wartwood's respect, she wanted to help toads collect taxes, but after seeing their rude ways of doing it, she helped people keep some of their stuff and ultimately fought them to protect Wartwood, injuring herself in the process.
  • During a winter outbreak, she agreed to protect citizens from being kidnapped, and later apologized to them for being distracted by boredom of this job, which nearly caused Polly to be eaten. She even gave the animal that kidnapped her food, after learning it was doing this to survive itself and to feed its kids.
  • After she was nominated as frog of the year, she tried to throw a huge party. After seeing that she overdid it, she, along with Mayor Toadstool, saved everyone from the chaos and apologized for failing them.
    • It is also worth noticing that she mainly did it because Toadstool pressured her to do this, wanting the citizens to see her as flawless, only to learn that she is good the way she is.
    • She's also the one who reformed Mayor Toadstool later on.
  • Once she discovered that the toads plan to kill Hop Pop, she stood up not only for everyone in Wartwood, but also to Sasha, after Sprig helped her realize her bully-like and controlling nature.
  • After One-Eyed Wally caused Toad Tower to collapse, Anne tried to save Sasha despite all the bad things she had done, and was horrified and devastated when the latter allowed herself to fall to near-death.

Season 2

  • Fearing that the Plantars would leave their house to Chuck, who looked incompetent, Anne secretly tried to build a defense, and felt extreme remorse over temporary destroying the farm.
  • Once she was reunited with Marcy, she helped her stop the Barbari-Ant invasion and later trusted Marcy to act heroic, letting go of her fear of losing her like Sasha.
  • While on a treasure hunt, Anne helped numerous citizens, who then saved her and Marcy.
  • After learning that Priscilla the Killa, a brutish and rude newt, wanted the same teapot that Anne wanted for her mother because it belonged to her late mother, Anne returned it, feeling sorry for her.
  • Comforted Sprig after learning about the fate of his mother.
  • Although she was angry at Hop Pop, refused to listen when he tries to tell his reason and ran away from home, her anger is clearly justified, since Hop Pop nearly lost the only thing that could help her, Sasha and Marcy return home (as he ironically repeated her own mistake at the Bizarre Baazar). She later helped Hop Pop save Sprig and Polly and forgave and comforted Hop Pop after learning the motivation of his lie.
  • With Marcy and Sasha recharged Calamity Gems. Anne herself not only supported the duo, but herself passed all trials of second temple, by not only being kind-hearted and selfless, but also responsible. She also left the temple before the Blue Gem fully charged, believing that her friends in danger.
  • Rallied her allies to liberate Newtopia from Toad Army, while personally stopping main forces from reaching the city. While Anne viciously attacked Sasha on the tower and refused to listen to her, Anne's anger is reasonable for Sasha once again betraying her and also nearly separating her from Plantars against her choice. Anne later showed remorse over this and later made up with Sasha, so this only counts as Heating-up Period.
  • Despite being upset with Sasha and Marcy's betrayals, Anne was the only one who didn't lose hope and encouraged her friends and former enemies to fight the evil king.

Season 3

  • Despite Anne kept Andrias' invasion and her friends' betrayal as a secret from her parents, it is well-intentioned, as her parents have already been worried sick over her disappearance, and also did this with a lot of guilt. Once they discovered this, Anne remorsefully told them that she did this not only to protect them, but the Plantars, and apologized for this.
  • Although she didn't support some of Plantars' wishes on Earth, it is because they needed to hide their identities as talking frogs.
  • Her entry about how she managed to reunite with her friends on her journal indirectly led Sasha not only redeeming herself, but swore to protect the Wartwood citizens and leading a resistance against King Andrias.
  • Her heroism inspired her parents to do the same as hers.
  • During Christmas, she, with help from the Plantars' new friends on Earth, built a Christmas float to enter the parade, much to her mother's surprise and pleasure. Later on, she thanked Sprig for his gift to her before secretly writing letters to Waybrights and Wus, promising to save their respective daughters.
  • With her Earth allies, saved the Plantars from the FBI before returning to Amphibia, while also thanking her parents for their support.
  • After returning, she became co-leader of the Wartwood Resistance with Sasha, fighting Andrias' forces and even recruiting some of her old enemies. Anne also encouraged Sasha to be leader too, saying that she truly changed and deserved the rank.
  • When she returned to Earth, she defeated King Andrias in a duel and saved Earth, Amphibia and the rest of the multiverse from his invasion. During the battle, she revealed that she pities Andrias for allowing The Core/Darcy to groom him into a monster, and while she badly damaged his cybernetic implants, it was unintentional, as Andrias stopped attacking too early for Anne to react.
  • Once Sasha freed Marcy, she forgave her and told her that no matter what will happen, their friendship will last forever.
  • After returning to Amphibia, Anne, Sasha and Marcy empowered themselves with the Calamity Gems to destroy The Core during its spiteful attempt to ram Amphibia's moon into the surface with the intention to destroy all life on it, while also taking the risk of being stuck in Amphibia forever. But when things got worse, Anne empowered herself with all three stones and destroyed The Core for good, losing her life in the process, but not before comforting Sprig over this act.
  • After The Guardian resurrected her via backup body and offered her to take its place, Anne humbly refused to do this, saying that she's still a teenager and has to learn many things (but also indirectly agreed to become the guardian of the multiverse after living a full life), to which The Guardian decided to return her to the mortal part of multiverse, so she can live the rest of her lifetime first, thus allowing herself to be fully resurrected.
  • Along with Sasha and Marcy, she said a final farewell to their friends in Amphibia. During this, Anne wished the Plantars the best, and even gave her phone to Sprig as a memento.
  • After becoming a herpetologist, Anne created the whole amphibian exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific, making a small version of Amphibia in honor of her friends and the adventures she shared with them.


  • She and Leif Plantar are the only characters in Amphibia to be Pure Good.
    • Originally, it was expected that she would be Near Pure Good, but she got approved as Pure Good after she managed to completely shed all her negative traits by the series finale.

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