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It's all right. People usually assume that I'm daddy's helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.
~ Asami Sato accepting Korra's apology.

Asami Sato is one of the two deuteragonists of the Legend of Korra alongside Mako.

She is the non-bending daughter of one of the richest men in the world Hiroshi Sato, CEO of Future Industries and inventor of the Sato-mobile. She quickly becomes friends with Mako, Bolin, and Korra after meeting them and saves them from her father after she discovers he is part of the Equalists, becoming part of the New Team Avatar alongside Mako, Bolin, and Korra and the new CEO of Future Industries after her father’s arrest. She is the best friend and eventual girlfriend of Korra.

She was voiced by Seychelle Gabriel.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She apologized to Mako for accidentally running into him even though it was his fault for running into the road, taking him to dinner and paying to get him new fancy clothes as another apology.
  • She convinced her father to sponsor the Fire Ferrets (Mako, Bolin, and Korra) so they could play in the Pro-Bending Championships.
  • She treated Korra politely even though Korra was cold and envious towards her.
  • She created new uniforms for the Fire Ferrets and gave it to them.
  • She offered to let Mako and Bolin stay in her family’s estate after Amon destroyed the bending arena they lived in and convinced her father to allow it.
  • She took Korra for driving and a race, accepting Korra’s apology for treating her coldly and telling Korra that she didn’t mind her assumptions.
  • Despite believing her father was innocent and not an Equalist, she assisted and cooperated fully with the police investigation.
  • Despite her mother being killed by a bender, she never became bigoted towards them like her father did, even calling Amon and the Equalists monsters for their bigotry towards benders.
  • She single handedly saved Korra, Bolin, Mako, Lin Beifong, and Tenzin from her father, the Lieutenant, and the Equalists, rejecting her father’s attempt to corrupt her once she realized her father was an Equalist.
  • Although Ikki revealed Korra's crush on Mako to her in front of Korra, Asami didn’t get angry and told Korra she didn’t need to apologize for her new room in the Air Temple, telling Korra that her new room was charming.
  • She formed the New Team Avatar with Korra, Mako, and Bolin and used her Sato-mobile to transport the team throughout Republic City to take down numerous Equalists as vigilantes.
  • She saves Mako and Bolin from Equalists.
  • She tried to convince Tarrlok not to round up hundreds of innocent non-benders and scapegoat them as Equalists.
  • She along with the rest of Team Korra as well as Tenzin and Beifong looked for a kidnapped Korra and confronted/exposed Tarrlok as the kidnapper and bloodbender.
  • She helped Pema clean up and wash dishes after dinner.
  • Although she was jealous of Mako’s feelings for Korra, she admitted that she still liked Korra and never acted like a jerk towards her, it was Mako who she confronted for cheating on her with Korra and keeping the truth from her about his kiss with Korra.
  • She crashed her Sato-mobile into several Equalist mecha-tanks and saved Tenzin from the Equalists.
  • She reconciled with Mako by kissing him on the cheek, accepting his apology, and telling him she still cared for him before he went with Korra to stop Amon, ending their relationship on a high-note.
  • She took control of a mecha-tank and destroyed all Equalist aircraft in the hangar to prevent them from wiping out Bumi and his United Forces fleet.
  • She defeated her father and captured him.
  • After becoming the new CEO of Future Industries, she invited Bolin to join her to meet the eccentric billionaire Varrick to cheer Bolin up when he was feeling lonely.
  • Despite Bolin not following her instructions and being “brutally” honest with Varrick, when Varrick took a liking to him and agreed to help Asami’s company, she hugged and thanked Bolin for his help.
  • She chastised Bolin for groveling to Eska, telling him that he needed to stand up for himself and not let himself get bullied by his (supposed) girlfriend.
  • She helped rescue Korra’s father and the Southern Tribe rebels from prison by taking out the prison guard and getting the keys from him and piloting an aircraft with Korra on it to allow Korra to break the Northern Tribe’s blockade.
  • She sold weapons and supplies to the Southern rebels to support their rebellion against Unalaq.
  • Despite the fact that she supported the South, she still wanted to avoid all-out war and seek peace, being unconvinced by Varrick’s propaganda film in support of the South finding it to be distasteful.
  • She defended Mako from being bullied and taunted by Mako’s police colleagues Lu and Gang.
  • She convinced the Triple Threat Triad to help her and Mako catch the terrorists who looted her business and attacked Republic City, showing that she is capable of working with enemies towards a greater good and had no animosity towards them.
  • She tried to comfort Mako after his break-up with Korra
  • She defeated the Triple Threat Triad and saved Mako from them after the Triple Threat Triad double-crossed them.
  • She immediately apologized to Mako for kissing him in the heat of the moment as a thank you for refusing to let the terrorists/thieves who practically destroyed her business get away although he said it was fine.
  • She comforted Mako and took him to dinner at the site of their first date to make him relax as he was stressed (which she thought was the reason he accused Varrick of being the terrorist mastermind who destroyed her business but Mako turned out to be right).
  • She comforted Bolin when he felt lonely and missed Mako and Korra, inviting him to go back to the studio to watch the mover with her and cheering/congratulating Bolin for saving the President.
  • Although she was initially conflicted about whether or not Mako was innocent due to the overwhelming evidence against him  (which was planted by Varrick), she decided to go to visit him in prison and once Varrick was exposed as the true villain all along, she went to get him and lovingly reconciled with him.
  • She offered her assistance along with Future Industries to Korra to help liberate the South from the North in the now full-blown civil war that started.
  • She came up with a plan for an aerial attack against Unalaq and the Northern Water Tribe with her, Mako, and Bolin providing cover and a frontal assault while Korra, Kya, Tenzin, and Bumi to go in with Oogi.
  • She took Korra’s badly injured father Tonraq to Katara to get healed and watched over an unconscious Jinora until she awoke.
  • She comforted Korra when Korra felt discouraged by her low approval ratings, telling Korra not to take it to heart as people were just frustrated and confused.
  • She taught Korra (or at least tried to) how to drive and apologetically confessed to Korra that she dated Mako after Korra and Mako broke up even though like Korra states herself, it was totally fine and Asami had a right to.
  • She saved Korra by telling her of the vines ahead allowing Korra to stop the Sato-mobile just in time.
  • She constructed and gave a Future Industries airship to the rest of Team Avatar, Tenzin, Lin, and Jinora so they could all go on a quest to find new airbenders across the Earth Kingdom.
  • She lied to the Earth Queen that their airship was damaged to buy Team Korra enough time to rescue all the captive new airbenders the Earth Queen had.
  • She used her airship to rescue the new airbenders and the rest of Team Korra from the Earth Queen.
  • She told Korra and Bolin to clean up and prepare themselves for Opal’s farewell party to go to the Northern Air Temple.
  • She discovered that Zaheer and Aiwei were meeting up at Xai Bau’s Grove and informed the rest of Team Korra.
  • She offered to play Pai Sho with Bolin and despite his arrogance and her winning every game, she acted relatively cordial and humble, telling Bolin in their 34th game that he will actually win (before Pabu ironically messes the board up).
  • She tried to get an unconscious Korra (who was in the Spirit World) to safety and informed her once she woke up that they were actually captured by the Earth Queen and not Zaheer.
  • She tricked a guard into chaining her less tightly and broke free, rescuing and freeing Korra from her cell.
  • She took control of the Earth Kingdom airship with Korra and crashed it into the sand dune after Korra accidentally damaged the controls beyond repair.
  • She pleaded with the Earth Kingdom captain and soldiers to work with her and Korra to get the airship back up running again even though the Earth Kingdom soldiers were her enemies who kidnapped her.
  • She came up with a plan to make a sand-sailer from the spare parts of the airship after a sand shark destroyed the airship and convinced the Earth Kingdom soldiers to work with her and Korra to create the sand-sailer.
  • She got Korra and the Earth Kingdom soldiers to safety and out of the desert.
  • She led a rescue mission with Mako and Bolin to rescue Tenzin and the airbenders, and after the “airbenders” were fake water sacks and not really in the temple, she comforted Tenzin and  freed him, carrying the injured Airbending master to safety with Mako.
  • She defeated a Red Lotus guard and freed Jinora and the captive airbenders from imprisonment.
  • After Korra was severely poisoned but survived, Asami took care of Korra day and night for the next few weeks, dressing her formally for Jinora’s Airbending Master ceremony and being supportive towards the depressed Korra, telling Korra that she just needed time to heal and that she would be here if Korra needed anything or just someone to talk to, wheeling Korra (who was wheelchair bound following the poison attack) into Jinora's ceremony and encouraging Korra to enjoy the day.
  • During the 3 year time skip, she rebuilt and modernized Republic City and connected the United Republic and Earth Kingdom by building a rail connecting them together.
  • Despite everything her father did including literally trying to kill her and her own initial reluctance, Asami decided to rebuild their relationship and brought a Pai Sho game to prison so she and her father could play.
  • She was the first member of Team Korra to meet with Korra since the tome skip, warmly welcoming Korra and complimenting Korra’s new hair and look.
  • Although she briefly got angry with Korra for questioning her decision to reconcile with her father, she later lets it go and reconciles with Korra by the end of the episode, saying that there would be a natural adjustment period for Team Korra after being separated for so long.
  • She brought Korra tea when Korra was sitting alone at night to warm her up.
  • She stopped Korra from losing hope and quitting being the Avatar because of Toph’s nihilistic words by cheering Korra up and reminding Korra of all her accomplishments like defeating Amon and Unalaq yet fixing some of the valid points those two brought up.
  • Despite everything Varrick did to her like instigating a civil war and nearly destroying her company, Asami agrees to work with him to stop Kuvira.
  • She came up with the idea to build hummingbird mecha suits to counter Kuvira’s superweapon and immediately began production for them.
  • She with the rest of Team Korra came with a plan to stop Kuvira’s invasion of Republic City by taking out her superweapon.
  • After President Raiko surrendered, she came with the plan to cripple the mecha suit carrying the superweapon since it eas indestructible.
  • After Kuvira destroyed her factory, she modified her prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suit so they could still stop Kuvira and later installed a welding torch with the help of her father.
  • She piloted the hummingbird mecha suit onto Kuvira’s suit with the superweapon, allowing her father to penetrate the suit so it could be infiltrated and destroyed once and for all.
  • She pleaded with her father not to sacrifice himself and after his death, she told Korra that she was at least glad that she was able to fully forgive him before he died.
  • She along with the other heroes searched for Korra after Korra’s battle with Kuvira and was the first person to find her and embrace her when Korra emerged from the Spirit portal.
  • She went to warn Tenzin that Varrick was looking for him to borrow an Airbender glider to risk his life by jumping off a tower.
  • She told Korra that she didn’t need to apologize for being gone for three years and told Korra that she was just happy that Korra was here now, embracing her and suggesting they take a vacation where they would begin their romantic relationship in the show’s final scene.
  • In the sequel Turf Wars comic series, she initiated the first kiss in her and Korra’s relationship and told Korra she didn’t need to apologize for their vacation in the Spirit World being a little dangerous and not completely perfect.
  • She successfully suggested she and Korra leave to ease the tension between Korra and her parents when Korra revealed her and Asami’s relationship and got into a heated argument with her parents about whether or not to make it public.
  • She told Korra that she understood her parent’s position about not making their relationship public as not everyone would accept them which motivates Korra to feel remorse and reconcile with her parents. She also accepts Korra’s apology for not considering her feelings on the issue and tells Korra it is okay and vowed with Korra to keep each other safe no matter happens when they return to Republic City.
  • She defended the spirit portal and the spirits from Wonyong Kuem’s attempt to build an amusement park in the land which was unethical and disturb the spirits when Korra was indecisive and conflicted on the matter. After Korra resolved to keep the spirit portal open and safe, Asami assured her she wasn’t alone and she would help Korra protect the spirit portal.
  • She with the help of Zhu Li designed new housing to house victims and refugees of Kuvira’s past/failed Invasion of the United Republic and she convinced President Raiko to help fund the housing project.
  • Although she wasn’t particularly fond of Wonyong Kuem either, she rushed Korra out of President Raiko’s office to prevent Korra from blowing up at Raiko for refusing to help them stop Wonyong Kuem.
  • She oversaw the construction of the new housing with Zhu Li.
  • She defended Korra from Raiko and called out Raiko for blaming Korra for Kuvira’s invasion when he was the one who surrendered to Kuvira while Korra was the true leader during that crisis.
  • She convinced Zhu Li to run for president to oust the corrupt and incompetent President Raiko and celebrated her eventual victory.
  • She refused Jargala’s protection racket from the Triple Thread Triad and told Korra that she could handle herself from the Triad and Korra didn’t need to worry about her.
  • Once kidnapped, she tried to convince Tokuga to release her and Wonyong Kuem despite not liking Kuem and Kuem literally being the one who got them into this situation by hiring the Triple Thread Triad only to get double-crossed by them and she told Tokuga that Korra didn't disfigure him and that Korra was trying to save Tokuga from being disfigured by spirits.
  • She refused to help Triple Threat Triad leader Tokuga develop an airborne poison to hold Republic City hostage or wipe it out.
  • Although she initially didn’t like and acted cold towards Wonyong Kuem for seemingly betraying her father decades ago, she would still agree to “help” (really secretly sabotage) Tokuga in order to stop him for strangling Kuem to death and after realizing Wonyong Kuem actually walked out on a deal with her father because her father wanted Kuem to develop poison for the Equalists, she apologized to Kuem for misjudging him and acting cold to him earlier, even suggesting they could perhaps work on a deal in the future.
  • She saved Korra and all of Republic City from Tokuga by containing the poison gas within Tokuga’s ship and crashing it into the spirit world where the poison would have no effect.
  • She convinced Korra and the spirits not to close the spirit portal as it was too precious and motivated Wonyong Kuem to rescind his claim to spirit lands.
  • Although she understandably hated Kuvira for killing her father, she along with the rest of Team Korra agreed to work with Kuvira to stop Commander Guan and his Earth Empire holdouts, even giving Kuvira some of her clothes to make herself look more presentable and telling Kuvira that she believed people could redeem themselves just not overnight.
  • She shocked Kuvira unconscious to stop her from strangling Commander Guan, saving the villain’s life.
  • She stunned and captured Dr. Sheng, bringing the villain to justice for brainwashing her and dozens of other people.
  • After discovering Kuvira was the one who freed her from Sheng’s brainwashing, Asami accepted Kuvira’s redemption and while she admitted it would take a long time for her to forgive Kuvira for killing her father, she was glad they were on the same side now.


  • Asami, Tenzin, Jinora and Wan are the only four The Legend Of Korra heroes to be Pure Good.
  • Initially, Asami was supposed to be a villainous spy instead of a deuteragonist. She was meant to have never loved Mako and instead tried to take down Korra and her team. However, this idea was changed in production after the producers liked Asami as a character. If this idea was put in the show then it would have been unlikely for Asami Sato to be Pure Good.

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