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Azura (Aqua in Japanese) is a main playable character and the deuteragonist in Fire Emblem Fates. She is the cousin of Corrin and a princess of Valla and Nohr, but was captured and held prisoner by Hoshido, in a similar manner to her cousin's situation.


See Azura's synopsis on the Heroes Wiki.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She loved her mother Arete deeply and was devastated when she died.
  • She treated the people of Hoshido well after she was kidnapped and left at the kingdom by Shura and his gang. As she thought of the place as home in spite of many citizens still being suspicious of her due to her originating from Nohr.
  • When Corrin shifted into a mindless dragon, she confronted them alone in order to desperately make them remember who they truly were. All the while refusing to raise her weapon and attack them even when her own life was put on the line.
  • She used her magic to turn Corrin back from their dragon form even after nearly being killed by them.
  • After turning Corrin back, she gave them a dragonstone so that he would still keep their mind intact the next time they turn into a dragon.
  • She agreed to join Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura in giving Corrin a tour of Shirasagi on Mikoto's request.
  • Her assurance and emotional support has made Corrin become dependent on her, as shown on Conquest.
  • She often tries to help others become better people by pointing out a flaw or problem they have that she'd like them to overcome. And she never intends to be rude during this but rather to help others overcome issues that they have.
  • Helped Corrin protect the Kingdom of Hoshido from Garon on Birthright.
  • Freed Takumi's spirit from Anankos on Conquest.
  • Helped Corrin bring peace to Hoshido and Nohr and defeat Anankos on Revelation.
  • During Birthright and Conquest she constantly overuses her powers for the sake of assisting Corrin in spite of being aware of the risk doing so could pose to her. By the final boss battle, she finally dies after burning up all her life force to weaken the bosses so that Corrin could kill them.

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