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Barbie Roberts is the titular main protagonist of the Barbie franchise, created by the toy company Mattel in 1959. She is a sister of Skipper, Stacie, Kelly, and Chelsea and Ken's love interest.

In Barbie and the Rockers, she was voiced by Sharon Lewis. In the movies, she was formerly voiced by Kelly Sheridan, Diana Kaarina, Chiara Zanni, and Erica Lindbeck. In Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, she is voiced by Kate Higgins. She is currently voiced by America Young.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She is very kind, selfless, loyalty, honest, helpful, wise, and caring about her family and friends throughout the most media.
  • She traveling to France and meet her aunt Millicent, which worked with Marie-Alecia to designing the dresses at the Millicent's, a outfits shop. She also stops Jacqueline and Delphin for committing crimes and save the fairies and Millicent's from them.
  • She helps Raquelle and the fairies to stop Crystal and leading Princess Graciella to get rid of the love potion, saving Ken from being married on her.
  • She wins the horse race tournament Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament of Alpine Academy and stop Philippe Cheynet for sabotaging the racers.
  • She makes the puppies to stop Joe and Marty from stealing all the treasures with the help of her sisters.
  • She worked with Teresa, Lazlo, Renee, and Patricia to stop Agent Dunbar.
  • She helps Isla, Ken, and her sisters to stop Marlo and saving the dolphins.
  • Upon realizing that Amelia was captured by Prince Johan, she going to save her and that was be caught be Johan's guards, which ended up locked into the yacht. To escaped with the princess together, she would stop Johan with the help of her.
  • She orders her sisters to find Chelsea and saved her birthday.
  • During the trips to Handler Arts Academy, she meets Brooklyn at the ways to having joy with her.
  • Despite in the academy to dancing with Brooklyn and Emmie, she accidentally bumping Brooklyn which causing her falling into a drum. Following her dismay to expelling from Academy for ruined her friend, she returning to California about Brooklyn's sabotaged her, as her parents are worried about her. She later apologized to Brooklyn and back to the school with her, all right is fun to gain Spolight Solo and joined up the live show.
  • She doesn't get angry to the point where she wants to kill everyone.

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