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Batman, also known by his real name Bruce Wayne, is the titular main protagonist of the TV series, The Batman. He is a masked vigilante who is the main hero of Gotham City.

He was voiced by Rino Romano.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He fought and defeated many supervillains.
  • He tried to redeem many of his villains, succeeding with Clayface.
  • He never sought out vengeance for his parents' death.
  • In his first encounter with Joker, he made sure to pop Joker's hot air balloon full of Joker toxin under the sea so it wouldn't harm anyone.
  • After Penguin rudely hit on a woman, he went outside and asked said woman if she was okay.
  • He rescued Cluemaster's three hostages before defeating him.
  • He convinced both Ethan Bennett and Ellen Yin that he was needed in Gotham, eventually working alongside Yin numerous times.
  • He stopped Ethan as Clayface from murdering Rojas and Joker even though both of them were terrible to Bruce.
  • He saved Mayor Grange and Cash Tankinson when Joker hacked into Gotham's cable network to broadcast his crimes and prevented him from spreading his toxin into the city.
  • He personally delivered a hearing aid for a girl who he believed was deaf. Even if he was being lied to, the fact that he went out of his way to help her was admirable.
  • He felt remorse when he found out he accidentally turned Victor Fries into Mr. Freeze.
  • He traveled into Joker's twisted mind to find where he kept Yin, managing to resist Joker's attempts to drive him insane.
  • He defeated Joker, Penguin, and Riddler and saved Gotham from the three's crime spree.
  • Although he initially disapproved of Barbara Gordon fighting crime as Batgirl, he decided not to tell her father about her secret identity.
  • He saved Prank from being thrown into a vat of chemicals by Joker.
  • He provided Batgirl with extra equipment after realizing that she helped him defeat Maxie Zeus.
  • He defeated DAVE, saving Alfred from the robot and having Hugo Strange arrested for creating him.
  • He adopted Dick Grayson when his parents were killed and brought the killer, Tony Zucco, to justice.
  • He taught Batgirl and Robin to cooperate as a team to defeat Penguin's team of supervillains.
  • When Riddler's ex-girlfriend was found to have played in a role for his turn to villainy, he showed sympathy to the Riddler and had her arrested for incrimination.
  • Although Harleen Quinzel humiliated him on live TV, he didn't hold it against her and tried to reason with her, only fighting when she didn't listen to him.
  • He prevented himself from unleashing a toxin onto Gotham while under the effects of a hallucination caused by Hugo Strange.
  • He saved his villains from being killed by the vigilante Rumor, upholding his policy against murder. He also saved Rumor from the villains when they tried to murder him afterwards, despite the fact he easily could have left Rumor to his fate.
  • Stopped Joker 2.0 from killing the original Joker.
  • He worked alongside Martian Manhunter and later the Justice League to save the world from the Joining on two separate occasions.
  • He felt sad for Joker when he thought he died after being electrocuted by his own joy buzzer.
  • He fed a vampirized Joker some of his blood and later cured him of his vampirism in spite of his villainy.
  • He defeated Dracula and prevented an outbreak of vampirism. Though he killed Dracula to stop him, it was ultimately necessary due to how powerful and dangerous the vampire was.
  • Unlike other incarnations of Batman, he has no anti-heroic qualities and is more heroic and relatable in comparison.


  • This is the only incarnation of Batman to be Pure Good. And the only character in the show to be Pure Good.

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