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Please don't leave me! I love you!
~ Belle's deep capacity for love that inadvertently led to everyone's salvation.
He's handsome, all right. And rude, and conceited. Oh Papa, he's not for me.
~ Belle's admirable persistence on judging men for being respectful instead of superficially attractive.

Belle is the female protagonist of the Beauty and the Beast franchise. She is one of the protagonists of Disney's 30th full-length animated feature film Beauty and the Beast, its direct-to-video follow-ups The Enchanted Christmas and Belle's Magical World. In Beauty and the Beast, she was Prince Adam's love interest after the end of the movie. She is the 5th Disney Princess in the official lineup.

She is voiced by Paige O'Hara, who also provides her singing voice.

What Makes Her Pure Good?


  • Belle does not turn bitter when the villagers make fun of her and continues to be herself in public.
  • She made her crestfallen father joyous by fixing his invention.
  • She is very respectful and polite to Gaston even though he is the polar opposite to her and merits anything but, especially when she rejected his childishly presumptuous proposal of marriage, simply opening her front door and tossing him his shoes, and having never once even said anything negative to his face. Even him falling into the mud was something he quite literally walked right into and was by no means an intention of Belle's. She simply said "imagine that" when he verbally painted a misogynistic picture of their potential union and made a joke at her own expense before sending him out of her house. In fact, the only things she's ever called him is "primeval" for claiming it is morally wrong for women to think, and a "monster" for trying to imprison her father. Needless to say, he doubtlessly merited both of these insults.
  • She promised to the Beast that she will stay with him forever, thus making the former set Maurice free.
  • Despite the Beast's early treatment, she never offended him whatsoever and she tenders his wounds after saving her from the wolves.
    • While she does break her promise and runs away, her justification is completely legitimate and she says it all outright:
  1. She only fled because the Beast yelled at her and threw a chair at her.
  2. The only reason she went to the West Wing in the first place was to potentially gain leverage on his consistent abuse by learning what he was adamant on concealing from her, and he never should have yelled at her or thrown furniture at her.
  3. To put the icing on the cake, she saw her chance for her and Phillipe to complete their escape with her adversaries on the run and her captor unconscious (her body language proves this was on her mind). But when she saw he was wounded, she knowingly returned to her imprisonment, completely undoing her attempt to dishonor her word out of pure compassion and moral conscience, two idealized traits for any PG.
  • She breaks her silence and calls the Beast out on his temper.
  • Belle warmly thanks the Beast when he gives her his library as a gift.
  • Upon seeing the Beast struggling to eat with silverware, she helps him eat properly by drinking out of the bowl.
  • She prevents her father from being hauled away to an asylum with an extremely sadistic manager by showing the Beast in the Enchanted Mirror. She even blames herself for the subsequent mob's march to the castle because of the aforementioned revelation, especially because Maurice got locked up anyway.
  • She physically defies Gaston when he incited villagers to murder the Beast, despite her significant disadvantage on muscle mass.
  • She arrives at the castle and futilely begs Gaston to have mercy on the Beast. Then she runs to intercede him, once again uncaring that she is no match for Gaston, especially now that he is going completely crazy.
  • She confesses her love to the Beast in an act of sympathy when he was fatally stabbed by Gaston. She has always been adamant about seeing the best in him and this is what leads to the castle's long-awaited and much-merited salvation. As result of her confessing her love to the Beast, this allows the Beast and all of his servants to regain their human forms.
  • She has nothing corrupting about her whatsoever, merely wanting a more adventurous life and a partner who respects women, eventually having both thanks to her tremendous virtue.
  • In The Enchanted Christmas, she aids in the fight against the malevolent Forte in any way she can. She also comforts the Beast after he killed his "best friend" to save her and all the other cursed servants.


  • She supported Vanellope.
  • She saved Wreck-It Ralph from falling to his death.

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