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A strong man stands up for himself. A stronger man stands up for others.
~ Ben's motto.

Ben is the overarching protagonist of the Barnyard franchise, serving as an overarching protagonist from the movie Barnyard and a posthumous protagonist from the TV series Back at the Barnyard. He was the adoptive father of Otis and the leader of the animals at the farm when the farmer wasn't around but would wish for Otis to mature and eventually succeed him.

He was voiced by Sam Elliott.

What Made Him Pure Good?

  • He protected the barn for years.
  • He adopted and raised Otis.
  • During a meeting with the animals, he warns everyone about the coyotes and tells them to be careful.
  • He persuaded Otis to cut down on goofing-off and be a strong enough responsible leader and successor.
  • He covers Otis' shift and let's him go to the Barn with his friends, despite wanting him to cut down on goofing-off.
  • He sacrificed himself to save the hens from the coyotes.
  • He lets Dag go after scaring him and his pack off the farm.
  • While he is a serious contrast to many other heroes and the comedic tone itself, he is nowhere near played negatively as a game changer as he is very compassionate, pacifistic and non-lethal as a protective leader of the barn with the defense towards the true game changer being Dag.


  • He is the only Barnyard hero to be Pure Good.
  • He is why Otis became who he is today.

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