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Oh, I just love takeoffs!
~ Bianca.
The Devil's Eye. Penny, we found it! We found it!
~ Bianca tells Penny that she and Bernard found the Devil's Eye.

Bianca is one of the two protagonists (along with Bernard) of Disney's 23rd full-length animated feature film The Rescuers and its 1990 sequel The Rescuers Down Under.

She was voiced by the late Eva Gabor.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She (and Bernard) rescued Penny from Madame Medusa. They traveled a long way to Devil's Bayou to rescue her.
  • She (and Bernard) rescued Cody from Percival C. McLeach. They traveled a long way to Australia to rescue him. In addition, they indirectly saved Marahute from McLeach.
  • She would do anything to rescue anyone who is in danger.
  • When the Chairmouse was unable the message due to the sheet of paper being wet, Bianca reads it instead, though there were some parts she couldn't read either.
  • She asked the Chairmouse for the assignment to rescue Penny.
  • She saved Bernard from Brutus and Nero.
  • When Bernard lost his hope of rescuing Penny, Bianca encouraged him. She told him that the RAS counts on them.
  • She (and Bernard) helped Penny find the Devil's Eye, risking their lives in the process.
  • She (and Bernard) used a lasso to make Medusa trip in order to help Penny escape.
  • She volunteered Bernard to another call for help.
  • She (and Bernard) tried to warn Cody of the danger he still was in.
  • Before Bernard jumped into the river after Cody, Bianca warned the former of the latter's danger.
  • She (and Bernard) forgave Jake, as shown when she befriended him.


  • Bianca is one of the three The Rescuers heroes to be Pure Good, the other two being Bernard and Cody.

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