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Princess Sophia, also known as Blair Willows, is the main protagonist in the 20th Barbie movie, Barbie: Princess Charm School. She is a daughter of Queen Isabella and King Reginald and the princess of Gardenia.


Sophia is a baby who was saved by her pet dog, Prince. Her parents are the rulers of Gardenia who died in the car accident which caused by her aunt, Dame Devin. Many year later, she is a young girl who had going the name Blair as well as choosing on went to Princess Charm School by which meets with the two princesses Isla and Hadley as well as her love interest Prince Nicholas.

Delancy Devin, the daughter of Dame Devin who first means with Blair, actually her mother planning using her to launch a coup as becomes the queen that tries to making Blair banished from the school. She wishing to being a heir of Gardenia to stop her aunt from give offense to crimes. After Blair coming to coronation ceremony, Delancy decided to crowned her.

Blair revealing that Dame Devin is really murder of her late parents, Dame Devin ended up taking away by the royal guards. However, Blair later forgives Delancy after reverted back to Sophia, she make Delancy to be Lady Royal of Gardenia.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Her introduction in the movie shows that she's very hardworking, caring and responsible, which she further proves later in the film time and time again.
  • Her good-hearted nature caused her to quickly befriend Isla, the fairies, and Hadley when she first transferred to Princess Charm School.
  • Unlocking the door to Dame Devin's basement that he locked her, along with Isla, the fairies, and Hadley, in to keep them from being able to attend the coronation ceremony.
  • Help stops Dame Devin as well as takes her rightful place as princess of Gardenia.
  • Having Delancy being crowned as the Lady Royal of Gardenia and forgiving her for mistreating her.

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