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Bo Peep is a major character in the Disney/Pixar Toy Story franchise. She was a supporting character in the first two films, and the deuteragonist of Toy Story 4.

She is a porcelain toy shepherd with a trio of sheep (Billy, Goat, and Gruff), a close companion and best friend to Giggle McDimples, and Woody's love interest. She is the lost toy of Molly Davis, who Andy Davis would regularly play with.

She was voiced by Annie Potts.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • In the first two films, she provides Woody with care and comfort when he is feeling down.
  • After Woody accidentally knocks Buzz out of the window, she is one of the few toys who believed Woody did not intend to do so.
  • She assists Woody in trying to break Forky out of Gabby Gabby's imprisonment at the Second Chance Antique store.
  • After Woody gives his voice box to Gabby Gabby, she helps to find a new owner for the latter, and succeeds.
  • When Woody parts with Bonnie, the two continue to help lost toys find themselves owners.

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