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We don't talk about Bruno!
~ The town's mantra surrounding Bruno.
Abuela worried about the magic. So she begged me to look into the future and see what it meant. And I saw the magic endangers, our house breaking, and then I saw you. But it would change and there was no real answer, no clear fate. Like your future was undecided, but I knew how it was going to look, I knew what everyone would think because I'm Bruno and everyone always assumes the worst. So...
~ Bruno explaining why he left.

Bruno Madrigal is the deuteragonist of Disney's 60th full-length feature film Encanto.

He is the only son of Pedro and Alma, the youngest triplet of Julieta and Pepa, and the maternal uncle of Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Camilo, Dolores, and Antonio. An estranged member of the Madrigal family, he has the ability to witness visions of future events, which gave him a negative reputation in the town as most of his prophecies weren't happy ones.

He was voiced by John Leguizamo.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • While the majority of his prophecies were foretelling negative events, it's not because he was actively malicious, as he has no control over what will happen in the future and only sees it. It's also been told by the creators of the movie that sometimes he would get visions at random.
  • While he did indirectly ruin his sister Pepa's wedding by telling her it looks like rain, which caused her to overreact and cause a hurricane with her weather-manipulation powers, he was simply trying to tell a joke (as encouragement to help her express her feelings than bottle them up) which his sister took seriously.
  • After seeing a vision of his youngest niece Mirabel seemingly causing the Casita's destruction and the magic to fade, and because everyone assumes the worst of him and his visions, he shattered it and went into hiding within the walls of the house, where he would stay and live in for a decade, to spare her from being as ostracized as he was. While Mirabel was still grew up ostracized, had her uncle stayed and shown what he saw would have made everything worse.
  • Despite his family's negative outlook of him, Bruno never became bitter of them while living in the walls of the house and still loved them.
  • He would try his best to patch the cracks in the Casita ever since they started appearing.
  • He saved Mirabel from falling into a hole when they meet, even if it wasn't a lethal drop.
  • While he initially refuses to help Mirabel save the Casita, he eventually changes his mind after a bit more persuasion.
  • He uses his ability to show Mirabel that she will save the Encanto by reconciling with someone (initially believed to be her sister Isabela, later revealed to be Alma) and appears enthusiastic at this positive solution. He also convinces Mirabel to try to set aside her issues with Isabela for the sake of the family and miracle.
  • When the Casita starts to crumble, he saves his rat friends instead of abandoning them.
  • After the Casita collapsed, he acquired a horse at some point and rode out of the Encanto to find Mirabel, who had ran away in guilt.
  • Initially apprehensive of facing his mother, he revealed himself to Alma after ten years, which prevented the Casita's collapse for that amount of time, to take the blame for the Casita falling apart and even prepared to argue with her like Mirabel had, unaware she and Mirabel had already reconciled.
  • Upon reuniting with his family and the townsfolk, he helps them rebuild the Casita, even shown to be on friendlier terms with the latter.
  • He does not display any corrupting qualities like being a heroic jerk or not controlling his anger.
  • The creators' statement that he avoided scaring his nieces and nephews prior to his self-exile was proven in-universe as Bruno only foreseen visions that he can't control.


  • He's one of the two Encanto characters to be Pure Good, the other being Mirabel.

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