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Elementals are pure goods who could call on or are empowered by the nature elements.

Types of elementals:

  • Umbrakinetics: They are able manipulate darkness
  • Cryomancers: Elementals who are capable of making or manipulating ice.
  • Pyromancers: They have the ability to manage and control bright fires.
  • Electrokinetics: They are the ones who can electricity under their control.
  • Bio-Manipulators: They are able to control and shape up their bodies in ways that even though are out of question aren't exactly shape shifting.
  • Aquakinetics: They are the ones who water as a weapon.
  • Geokinetics: They are ones who have the power to be the controller of sand, ground and rocks.
  • Aerokinetics: Elementals who have capability of controlling the air and the wind.
  • Sonokinetics: The ones who utilize the sounds the occur, as a weapon.
  • Chronokinetics: The one have the capability of controlling the speed of and can even stop it.

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