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Activate instant-kill!
~ Spider-Man as he enters his instant-kill mode to slaughter all of the Outriders attempting to steal the Infinity Gauntlet.
I'm using my power to hold the Evil King! You use your sword and deliver the final blow!
~ Princess Zelda holding down Ganon during the final battle and having Link send the final blow during The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Righteous Killers are heroes who kill only when it is necessary for them to do so, with the need to survive for the greater good, mercy killing in ending someone's misery, are left with no other choice, or a sacrifice that saves more lives and putting an end to an evil doer that will do more harm than good if left alive. Unlike Lethal heroes, these heroes are never willing to kill and after killing they wouldn't feel good in doing so.

Manslaughter and suicide do not always count as a Righteous Killer here as some of those Pure Goods did not mean to directly kill someone as a last resort for the best decision to make in certain situations.

Mind controlled doesn't count because these heroes kill on their own accord

They are the opposite of Zero Kill Count Pure Evils and counterpart of Homicidal Pure Evils.

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