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Safeguarded Pure Goods also known as Preserved Pure Goods are Pure Goods who undergo partial or complete duplicative change from their original version yet still manage to maintain the criteria as Pure Good in spite of being another version of a Pure Goods

These Pure Goods are characters who manages to get the criteria who are adaptations that happen to be based upon the original works of the Pure Good. (i.e. Paper Mario, Superman from the DC Extended Universe , Various Spider-Man Pure Goods like Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Spectacular Spider-Man, numerous adaptations of Captain America's like his Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation.

Pure Goods who form the similar attires or aliases of other Pure Goods like with some Super Heroes don't always count. Such as Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Since their original comic counterparts aren't approved as Pure Good.


In contrast to Adaptational Pure Goods; who are adaptations of characters that were not Pure Good in the original. These Pure Goods are Pure Goods who managed to fit the criteria despite being a different version of the original Pure Good.

  • Original versions of Pure Goods that have adaptations that may or may not manage to fit the Pure Good Criteria such as:
    • Pongo and Perdita. (Except for the fact that they have two mainstream originals that manage to qualify as Pure Good with the original books and film, except they had heating up periods since then and are to be decided whether or not those other versions could be Pure Good as well. As well as the fact that their live-action versions unfortunately didn't count due to lacking anthropomorphic sentience like the mainstream versions do.)
    • Most Adaptations of Mario, Luigi, Peach from Super Mario Bros. franchise that unfortunately doesn't meet the criteria and hasn't progressed to their Pure Good criteria as much for certain variating continuities. [Except for Paper Mario versions of Mario and Peach]
    • Emmet Brickowski from the LEGO Movie who counts as Pure Good for his movie (and has yet to be decided if he could count as Pure Good in the book or any other differentiating medias or not). And he has an alternate version of himself Rex Dangervest who was the sequel's antagonist.

Their opposites are Preserved Pure Evils who are Pure Evils that meet the criteria as Pure Evil who are adaptations of their original counterparts.

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