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You can run as far as you like! I'll follow you to the ends of hell! AND MY BLADE WILL BE THE LAST THING YOU SEE!!!!!! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!!!
~ Tanjiro Kamado vowing revenge on Muzan Kibutsuji for killing his family and turning Nezuko into a demon.

These are pure good who are also known as Seekers of Vengeance. They are heroes who commit their actions for the sake of vengeance, which is also named retribution or revenge, whether it be for a wrong done against them or their race/folks. They are almost the same as a Nemesis, but with a few minor differences: a Seeker of Vengeance is a specific type of Nemesis, being worried only with vengeance, while a Nemesis involve all types of reasons. A Nemesis is a foe who is made through the villain's own behavior, but a vengeful pure good may be an enemy to the villains already and is seeking vengeance for a noticed wrong misdeed to them by the villain. Unlike heroes who aren't pure good, these characters do this only for more righteous causes, or at least in many cases, they'll either give up on this and see that's it's not the right thing to do, or will regret it afterwards and try to atone for it.

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