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These are Pure goods who have the ability to give out purposes that are essential and they really need to kept alive, or need to be kept around at every cost. This means that these pure goods can't and should never be murdered/ ruined because this happen something extremely bad will happen. Based on something bad happening if their kill, they are similar to Necessary Evils but based on their alignment, they are opposites.

  1. Employees and employers that actually are capable of doing their jobs and it's made very clear the business cannot succeed without them.
  2. Characters preventing catastrophes including the end of the world or universe with their mere presence or actions.
  3. Major Good vs. Evil scenarios where one of the characters from the good side is the only subject that was strong/powerful enough to defeat the most dangerous evil (Naruto Uzumaki was the only person who could enhance powerful ninjutsu and techniques to defeat Nagato's Six Paths of Pain; Po (from the Kung Fu Panda franchise) was the only one who could stop Tai Lung, who was about to kill Master Shifu; Avatar Aang was the only one who was powerful enough to defeat the Phoenix King Ozai;)
  4. Businessmen that can provide a product, service or even information that is needed or well liked by people (Winston Deavor, who arranged undercover missions to boost the reputations of superheroes once again).
  5. Heroes performing actions that lead to beneficial results.
  6. Good Rulers or Officials that helped the place they live in (Tenzin helped the fledging Air Nation back to its full might).
  7. Entities that must keep the balance of nature in check.
  8. Family Breadwinners.
  9. Many mentors that train the heroes so they would grow stronger to defeat a greatest threat (All Might).
  10. Any characters of Lawful Good alignment, law enforcers or cops who keep order in society.
  11. Certain Teachers who keep unruly students in line.
  12. Certain powerful Alter-Egos within a hero, the ones that have possessed the hero, or grant them their powers resulting in them saving his/her life from time to time.
  13. Redeemed Villains that joined, or at the very least, helped the good guys.
  14. Several Supporting Characters that aid a protagonist(s) on their quest, attempt to sacrifice themselves to save a protagonist(s), or sacrificed their lives to save the protagonist(s) or their homeland: such as Android 16, who attempted to self-destruct to kill Cell.
  15. Certain characters with important information.
  16. Light Forms, Angels, or other personifications of good that are literally the source of good. If they die, the balance between good and evil would imbalance.
  17. Hope Bringers who inspire other to do better things, or convince them to become better people (Umi Matsuzaki who inspired the Larin Quarter Members to renovate the clubhouse).

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