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I used to be nothing but trouble but then I met you guys. You took me in, you showed me the importance of being brave, the importance of being strong, and most importantly, being good.
~ Lloyd’s speech to the ninja in the Season 2 finale.
You know, before I ended up in Amphibia, I didn't care about right and wrong: I just did what was easy, I let people walk all over me. And I think, that's because I didn't love myself, not really. But meeting you three has changed all of that. And these months we spent together has showed me the person a really wanna be.
~ Anne Boonchuy tells the Plantar family how her time in Amphibia helped her become a better person.
The night Ben died, I hunted down the man who I thought did it. I wanted him dead. I got what I wanted. It didn't make it better. It took me a long time to learn to get through that darkness.
~ Spider-Man reflecting on his past vengeful nature.

Though Pure Goods always lack corrupting qualities, they may not have always started out this way. Some may have been villains in the past, or some may have possessed unpleasant or pernicious traits. However, these heroes will always shed these corrupting traits as time goes on, and ultimately be devoid of them. Hence, these types of Pure Goods can be described as Wholly Reformed, as they have changed for the better and realized the wrongs of their corrupting qualities. They may not have started out as heroes, but they certainly have become better than that.

For obvious reasons, Redeemed Villains are this by default. Examples are:

  • Lloyd Garmadon, who was following his father's path of villainy, until he redeemed himself with help from the Ninjas and his uncle, ultimately shaping himself into one of the most admirable characters.
  • Anne Boonchuy, who acted anti-heroic, arrogant, mischievous, jerkish, wrathful, reckless, stubborn and has endangered others, until she subverted all of this by the end of series, with no evidence on her acting like that ever again.
  • Iroh, who was originally a power-hungry warlord in Fire Nation, until his only son died in a battle.
  • Momo Yaoyorozu, who used to be a little cold and somewhat arrogant until she subverted it.
  • Kiara, who is very arrogant and confident of being a future queen, not to mention she is also sexist, until she matured as she grew up.
  • Black Panther, who wanted to kill Bucky, thinking that he murdered his father, but let go of his hatred, after learning how vengence drove Baron Zemo into villany.
  • Kyoko Kirigiri, who initially acted hostile and cold towards Makoto and the other students, before warming up to them as the killing game continued.
  • Naruto Uzumaki, who used to have too many corrupting factors, such as arrogance, lethality, perverted behavior and mischievousness, until he subverted all of them once he grew up.
  • Buzz Lightyear, who used to be cocky and delusional in his abilities and status, before he discovered and accepted himself as a toy.
  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon, who used to be a thug in London, but after interacting with Jonathan Joestar, shed all of his corrupting qualities and became one of the greatest allies to Jonathan and his extended family, even beyond his death.
  • James P. Sullivan, who used to be an arrogant jerk during his college days, but grew out of it after meeting Oozma Kappa, and then joining Monsters Inc., before stopping the monsters from using the Scream energy from innocent children.
  • Mon-El, who started off as a selfish, womanizing jerk before gradually becoming a hero and apologizing for all his past behavior, maturing into a wise leader.
  • Diane Foxington, who was previously a master criminal with numerous thefts under her belt, before she realized that she gained no pleasure from her escapades and retired in favor of directly improving California as a governor.
  • Leif Plantar, who was originally supporting idea of Newtopia's multiversal hegemony, until Calamity Gems showed her Amphibia's own destruction.
  • Daffy Duck, who was previously a villain and has too many corrupting qualities such as being a jerk, selfish, arrogant, petty, and other corrupting qualities. However he later redeemed himself and reject all of his corrupting factors as he is willing to fight for the good life and save his friends at all costs.
  • Melony, who was initially a completely inanimate watermelon with no moral agency before she properly gained one via the Fierce Deity mask.

Please do not add Pure Goods here who have only faked corrupting qualities (e.g. Captain Celaeno, Haku, Luigi and Horace Nebbercracker) those should go under Misguided, Hidden Pure Goods and/or False Antagonists. This category is only for heroes who once had genuine corrupting qualities but ended up subverting/losing them.

Their Pure Evil equivalent is Wholly Debased.

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