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Cavin is the main human hero and one of the two main human characters from Disney's 1985-91 television series Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. He is a page under King Gregor's court who serves his highest-ranking knight Sir Tuxford. A long time, believer of the Gummi Bears, he comes across them after an ogre attack and convinces them to help him defeat Duke Igthorn.

He was voiced by Christian Jacobs for the first season, Brett Johnson in the second season, David Faustino in the third season, Jason Marsden (who also voiced Kovu) in the fourth and fifth season, and by R.J. Williams in the final season.

What makes him Pure Good?

  • Though stubborn at times, he goes to great lengths to stop Duke Igthorn from taking over Dunwyn, often times with the help of the Gummi Bears.
  • He convinced the Gummi Bears to help King Gregor in his war against Duke Igthorn.
  • He has proved to other Gummi Bears that not all humans are evil.
  • He freed the Gummis as well as Princess Calla from being permanently petrified by a spell placed on them by the Sinister Sculptor.
  • He has rescued Princess Calla and King Gregor on multiple occasions after they were kidnapped by Duke Igthorn.
  • He helped his grandfather Sir Gawain win a bet with his rival Lord Willoughby by returning the medallion Lord Willoughby had stolen in order to cheat to win the bet.

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