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Well, what are you waiting for Lebold!? Shoot! Kill me! Save my wife and child, you know that is true justice! Save Concordia!
~ Charles sacrificing himself
We live in such exciting times, we need to look to the future
~ A wise quote from Charles

Charles Armand "Charlie" Dupont is one of the main protagonists in the fourth season of the Facebook game Criminal Case, titled Criminal Case: Mysteries of the past. He is the inventor and technical expert of the Flying Squad, and is the most heroic of the bunch.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • As staff of the Concordian Flying Squad, he helps the player with their job a lot.
  • He's a very protective person.
  • He helped Ms. Patrick milk Daisy, a cow, so that she could sell it and make some money.
  • When the Luddities started attacking the inventors, Charles tried to stop them in a civil matter. When they didn't listen, he screamed at them and saved the inventors. His anger is also understandable.
  • When he stole Viola's case to get DNA, he apologized afterwards, showing his honesty.
  • He traveled all the way to Capitol Peak to deliver bread to the homeless people.
  • When his live-saving was stolen, and then retrieved, he didn't hold a grudge against the thief.
    • He also lost it because he believed a Monarch from Mazunda was kidnapped.
  • He helped a 13-year-old girl named Adaline Galls and her grandmother out with a free milking machine that is very expensive.
    • Adaline also held him hostage, and he didn't hold anything against her.
  • He created devices to impact the future, which it did.
  • In his final moments, when he was held at gunpoint, he talked about Lawson's dictatorship. He talked about his mass murder plans, all the people that lost their jobs, and all the people that are in danger. He then talked about his wife & son, and the crew, as well as everyone in Concordia. He told Eddie (really Diego) to shoot him to save thousands of lives from mass murder and dictatorship. He was then shot, he sacrificed himself to save the lives of thousands, including his wife, son, the crew, and thousands of others he doesn't even know.
  • He inspired his great-grandson to be a good person.


  • Charles is the only hero from Criminal Case to be Pure Good so far.

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