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Chihiro Ogino (or Sen as she was temporarily renamed by Yubaba) is the main protagonist of the critically acclaimed and Oscar winning 2001 Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away. She was originally a lazy and timid 10-year old girl with little to no experience in work until being hired to work in a bathhouse ran by Yubaba.

She is voiced by Rumi Hiiragi in the Japanese version of the movie, and by Daveigh Chase in the English version.


See Chihiro's synopsis on the Heroes Wiki.

What Makes her Pure Good?

  • Never gave up on trying to turn her parents back from their pig forms even when working under hard conditions in Yubaba's bathhouse.
  • Cleaned the River Spirit by leading the effort to pull out a large amount of garbage from inside of it, which the creature later demonstrated it's gratitude towards her for doing so by giving her a magic emetic dumpling.
  • Her kind-hearted nature allowed her to befriend the originally grumpy and cynical Lin and Kamaji.
  • When she sees Haku is in trouble, she determinedly finds a way to reach the top of the bathhouse where she saw him go, and along the way, even refuses a huge amount of gold that No-Face offers to her, which the rest of the bathhouse workers were greedily taking, to stay on track.
  • She used part of the medicine she got from the River Spirit that she was originally planning to give to her parents to Haku, which causes him to vomit up Zeniba's seal as well as the black slug Yubaba was using to control him.
  • After No-Face enters the bathhouse and becomes both very gluttonous and greedy as a result of imitating the way many people who work there are acting, to the point of eating a couple of the employees, Chihiro goes to see him and fix the situation since she let him in in the first place after seeing him out in the rain. She then gives him the rest of the River's Spirit medicine, causing him to vomit up everything he consumed, including the employees, which ends up purifying him. She also leads him away from the bathhouse since it was clearly a bad influence for him and allows him to come with her on her journey to return Zeniba's gold seal to her. This ultimately results in him staying with Zeniba and finally finding both a place he belongs and where he's truly happy.
  • Traveled a long distance to return the seal to Zeniba after it was stolen from her by Haku while he was under Yubaba's control to apologize to her on his behalf so she would forgive him, despite not having a certain way of getting back afterwards.
  • Reminded Haku of his real name by telling him of a memory she experienced when she was younger at the Kohaku River, therefore freeing him from Yubaba's control and later allowing him to quit being her apprentice.
  • Her interactions with Boh and the time he spent with her after being temporarily turned into a mouse by Zeniba were able to influence him to change for the better as he later showed much more maturity and defended her when the two arrived back at the bathhouse.
  • When asked by Yubaba to identify which of a drove of pigs where her parents, she correctly guessed that none of them where her parents and as a result, successfully lifted the curse off of them.


  • She is one of the 2 Spirited Away heroes to be Pure Good, along with Haku.

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