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Chiron is a supporting protagonist in the video game Age of Mythology. He is a centaur who appears in the campaign Fall of the Trident.

He is voiced by Bob Sampson.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He assists Arkantos and Ajax in rescuing the remaining Ioklos prisoners.
  • He accompanies Arkantos and Ajax in escaping Erebus, suggesting that Arkantos prays to Zeus in order to get out.
  • He forms an alliance with Amanra to fight against a common enemy, Kemsyt.
  • He comforts Arkantos after he has a bad dream.
  • He allies himself with Norse soldiers to retrieve the head of Osiris from the Tamarisk Tree, so that the Egyptian god could be reborn.
  • In the Norselands, he suggests helping Eitri and Brokk regain their forge in exchange for directions to Midgard.
  • He assists in uniting the Norse forces to build an army to stop Gargarensis from reaching Niflheim to release Kronos.
  • After the heroes are initially not successful in overpowering Gargarensis's forces in Niflheim, he knocks a boulder in the way of his forces, at the cost of his life. Although short-lived, it bought enough time for the heroes to rebuild Thor's hammer, which would seal the Tartarus gate, thwarting Gargarensis's plans for the time.

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