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Cinderella is the titular main protagonist of Disney's 12th full-length animated feature film of the same name and its two sequels. She is the 2nd Disney Princess in the official lineup.

She was voiced by the late Ilene Woods in the original film and Jennifer Hale in the direct-to-video sequels and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

What Makes Her Pure Good?


  • She is kind and nice to her animal friends.
  • She does not let her stepfamily's mistreatment and abuse turn her into someone cruel like them.
  • She remains optimistic about achieving her dreams which summons her Fairy Godmother.
  • She is very forgiving, kind, and cautious.
  • When imprisoned in her room by Lady Tremaine and when her mice friends fail to fend away Lucifer, who trapped Gus and the key, Cinderella told the birds to get Bruno, who is the only one who can stop Lucifer.
  • She is able to save her other glass slipper, which allows her to escape her stepfamily's abuse and marry her love interest, Prince Charming.
  • She helped Anastasia find love and stand up to Lady Tremaine.
  • She stood in defense of Anastasia when Lady Tremaine tried to turn her into a toad.


  • She supported Vanellope and she felt remorse for almost hurting her.
  • She saved Wreck-It Ralph from falling to his death.

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