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Connie Maheswaran is a major supporting protagonist in the show Steven Universe. She makes her first appearance in the episode "Bubble Buddies" and would make multiple appearances since then. In "Sworn to the Sword" she begins to take combat lessons under Pearl, and as of "Rocknaldo", she officially became a member of the Crystal Gems, making her the only member who is a complete human. As of "The Future", Connie and Steven are finally officially dating.



Connie is a curious, kind, devoted girl who wants to do the best for the people she cares about. Upon first meeting Steven, she was initially a shy, meek girl with very few friends due to the fact that her family often moved, leaving her little opportunity to develop any meaningful bonds. Because of this and because of her strict parents, she also possessed difficulty expressing her emotions or really talking to anyone. However, after meeting Steven, Connie slowly begins to break out of her shell and becomes confident in herself. After learning about Steven and the Crystal Gems, she becomes determined to grow stronger in order to protect Steven and defend the Earth from any threats.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Comforted Steven whenever he felt useless to the Crystal Gems and indirectly helped him discover his healing spit.
  • Agreed to learn sword fighting from Pearl in order to be able to help the Crystal Gems defend Earth.
  • Reconciled her relationship with her mother.
  • Restored a baby Steven back to his regular age.
  • Let go of her anger towards Kevin and helped Steven to do the same.
  • Saved a poofed Amethyst from Jasper by forcing her to retreat.
  • Comforted Amethyst whenever she felt useless.
  • Apologized to Jeff for accidentally breaking his arm, managing to become friends with him afterwards.
  • Helped Steven confront his negative emotions.
  • Pulled Peridot and Lapis together in order to fix the car wash at Beach City.
  • Comforted her father Doug when he stated that he felt that his job was inferior to that of his wife and daughter.
  • Reconciled her temporarily broken relationship with Steven.
  • Helped Lars regain his confidence and saved the Off Colors from Emerald.
  • Defended Steven's unconscious body while he reached out to Yellow and Blue Diamond.
  • Comforts Steven whenever he feels that he's made everyone miserable by caving into Homeworld's stifling traditions to impress White Diamond.
  • Comforts Steven whenever they're captured and imprisoned by Yellow Diamond, keeping him from falling into a despair event horizon.
  • Provided Blue and Yellow Diamond advice to express their grievances about their totalitarian lifestyles and rule to White in order to help make things better.
  • Helped Steven's gem half and human half reunite.
  • Helped the other Gems save Beach City's citizens from Spinel's Injector.
  • Assured Steven that she was still his best friend after he began worrying that they were drifting apart.
  • Politely postponing Steven's proposal to marry and permanently fuse into Stevonnie, clarifying that her answer meant she'd marry him later rather than never.
  • Convinced Steven to seek medical help after discovering his shape shifting powers were growing out of control, and contacted his father Greg to come and help.
  • Rallied the Gems, Greg, Spinel and the Diamonds to all stop focusing on themselves and turn towards helping Steven, managing to help turn him back to his normal form.
  • Helped Steven plan his travels for after he left.
  • Comforted Greg as Steven drove away.
  • Unlike other Steven Universe characters in the franchise, Connie is shown to more kind-hearted and competent since she has no corrupting qualities.
  • While she started out with some minor mischevious qualities, she manages to become much more mature and outgrows them later on.
  • Despite Steven Universe's high admirable standard, Connie still manages to stand out due to being the only member of the Crystal Gems who is a complete human with no magical or physically enhanced capabilities and having comparatively less screen time.


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