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Just because you have your feet firmly on the ground doesn't mean you can't keep reaching for the stars.
~ Corinne to Louis.
Still believe a girl doesn't possess the proper skills?
~ Corinne after defeated Philippe.

Corinne D'Artagnan, also simply known as Corinne, is the main protagonist in the 2009 animated Barbie film Barbie and the Three Musketeers. She is the daughter of D'Artagnan and Marie and a best friend of the three maids, Aramina, Viveca and Renee. She is also a love interest of Prince Louis.

She is played by Barbie Roberts and voiced by Kelly Sheridan.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She is very good-hearted, caring, optimistic, loyal, selfless, brave, and helpful towards Louis and her friends and further more in the film.
  • At the beginning of the story, she training to fights with her sword and her pet kitten, Miette watching the pigs are eating the foods even so want to practicing with her owner.
  • After received the letter of Treville by her mother, she preparing to traveling to Paris and about that she is a dreams to become a musketeer. She also mocked a men under the pleasure though her letter was stolen off.
  • Despite seeing the latter was ripped away, she meet Treville, Philippe, and his dog Brutus. After speaks to Treville, she realized that Brutus chasing Miette towards the kingdom, much to the fears. She went to stops them and accidentally bumps the maids Aramina, Viveca, and Renee upon their strikes.
  • Upon arriving in the castle, she greeted Madame de Bosses and serving as her maid. She apologized to her friends and have time to working.
  • Although is the meaning, in the ballroom, she cleaning with the maids and sees the chandelier was topple, saving Prince Louis from being killed. However, they using their musketeers skills to defending themselves as the prince is already safety.
  • Upon Louis falling from the flying balloon, she speed up to saving him and that they about the nervous ways. As Louis doubt that the girls can't be musketeers, she was little upset to telling her friends is what happening.
  • Attending the Masquerade Ball with Viveca, Aramina, and Renee, she shared a dancing with Louis and Philippe and his minions are disguised although their collecting the weapons, managing to joined the ball and kill the prince or captured the musketeers.
  • By the way, Philippe putting his sword to kill his cousin, she coming to stop him and kick with his sword. Upon Philippe taken his cousin away, she and the girls are turning into the musketeers to fights Philippe's minions.
  • Noticed that Louis was taken by Philippe at the rooftop of the kingdom, she going to find him as a result which eventually to facing Philippe, stops him from taking over the kingdom and ruling as the king.
  • She defeat Philippe and spared him on the way but Louis is already saved.
  • She decided to arrested Philippe and his goons with the help of the prince.
  • After Louis become a king of France, she embarked a new journey with her friends.
  • She doesn't trying to kill Philippe and his henchmen.


  • She was the only Barbie and the Three Musketeers character to be Pure Good.

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