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DJ was a camper in Total Drama. He participated in Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour.

He was voiced by Cle Bennett.



DJ is kind-hearted and friendly to the other campers. He is shown to be easily afraid of things and can be emotional. He is easy to get along with others who can be antagonistic like Duncan. He is shown to easily trust others and not think negatively of them.

What Makes him Pure Good?

  • He is shown to be respectful to the other campers.
  • He is shown to help the other campers when he does not need to.
  • He does not start conflicts with other campers and gets along well with just about everyone he encounters.
  • He quits the show in Total Drama Action to make things right after his illegal alliance with Chef.
  • DJ lacks corrupting qualities that other campers have.
  • He is shown to be caring to animals.

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