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Just keep swimming!
~ Dory's inspirational catchphrase.

Dory is the deuteragonist of Pixar's 5th full-length animated feature film Finding Nemo, and the titular main protagonist of its 2016 sequel Finding Dory.

Known for her forgetful nature, she is a pacific regal tang who encounters Marlin and assists him in the search for his missing son, Nemo.

She was voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She helps Marlin in his lengthy journey to find his son Nemo, despite being a total stranger.
  • She acts friendly to Bruce despite him being a shark and befriends him, even after he attempted to eat her after being incensed by the smell of her blood.
  • She has the ability to read, unique to fish, which she uses to decipher a clue to Nemo's location written on the diver's mask.
  • She convinces the moonfish to get on board with Marlin's cause of reuniting him with Nemo.
  • She communicates with the whale who accidentally swallowed her and Marlin, which causes it to eject them.
  • Upon reuniting with Nemo, she affectionately hugs him in relief and takes him to reunite with Marlin.
  • Though she did threaten the crab with being fed to seagulls in order to find out where Marlin was, this was only done after the crab had adamantly refused to cooperate and when they had limited time to find Marlin before he left.
  • When she is captured by a fishing net, she plays a part in influencing the hundreds of other captured fish to collectively swim downwards in a force that offsets the vessel, freeing everyone.
  • Upon remembering her parents, she immediately feels inclined to resume her search and reunite with them.
  • She befriends a septopus named Hank, who helps her in exchange for getting her tag to go to Cleveland and be alone for the rest of his life, and despite his grumpy personality, in the process, she gets him to open up and accept companionship.
  • She eventually finds and reunites with her parents and apologizes to both of them for causing them so much worry and leaving them for so long.
  • She refuses to leave Marlin and Nemo behind when they're on a truck to Cleveland and helps free them both.

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