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Dr. Delbert Doppler is the deuteragonist of Disney 43rd full-length animated feature film Treasure Planet.

He is a well-off astronomer and a long-time friend of the Hawkins, as he is a regular customer of their establishment the Benbow Inn. Based on his appearance, he is a hybrid between a human and a dog. In the film, he funds an expedition to Treasure Planet in order to help pay reparations for a newly restored Benbow Inn, and alongside Jim Hawkins, travels to the fabled planet with the crew of the RLS Legacy; little did either of them know that most of the crew were in fact pirates.

He was voiced by David Hyde Pierce.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He saved both Jim and Sarah Hawkins' lives when John Silver and his pirate crew burned down the Benbow Inn. He then provided them sanctuary at his home and allowed them to stay for as long as like until they had a new permanent home.
  • After learning about the fabled Treasure Planet's location, he funded an expedition to the planet, hoping that with the treasure, the Hawkins would be able to restore the Benbow Inn to its former glory.
  • During the supernova, Dr. Doppler calculated the timing of each of the fireballs released from the Black Hole, allowing Captain Amelia to time the largest explosion to help them escape from the Black Hole's unescapable event horizon. In doing so, Dr. Doppler ultimately saved all of the crews' lives (except for Mr. Arrow who was left for dead by Scroop).
  • He did his best to tend to Captain Amelia's wounds after escaping the clutches of the pirates.
  • He navigated the RLS Legacy away from the doomed Treasure Planet, once again saving all of the remaining crews' lives.

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