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Settle down? Are you kidding?! I'm at the top of my game! I'm right up there with the big dogs! Girls, come on! Leave the saving the world to the men? I DON'T THINK SO! *Giggles*... I don't think so.
~ Elastigirl's interview.
Well I think you need to be more... flexible.
~ Elastigirl to her husband Mr. Incredible.

Helen Parr, better known as Elastigirl, as well as Mrs. Incredible, is the deuteragonist of the 2004 Disney/Pixar film The Incredibles and the main protagonist of its 2018 sequel Incredibles 2.

A superhero with elastic abilities, she is the wife of Bob Parr, the mother of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack Parr, and the archenemy of Evelyn Deavor.

She was voiced by Holly Hunter.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

The Incredibles

  • Despite being very passionate about superhero work, both to prove that women could be as good at it as men and due to caring a lot about helping people, she was willing to settle down to focus on her family to comply with the Superhero Relocation Program and ensure their safety, something she copes with a lot better than Bob. By the same token, she tries to encourage Bob to appreciate and focus what he’s got in the present rather than lamenting not being allowed to do superhero work anymore.
  • She’s very caring and consistently tries to be supportive of her children despite being strict about them not using their powers, again, for their safety.
  • She does her best to encourage good behavior, like scolding Dash for using his superspeed to prank his teacher by putting tacks on his seat. Similarly, she tries to break up Dash and Violet when they get into a physical fight when the former teases the latter over her crush on a boy named Tony Rydinger.
  • When she discovers that Bob has been hiding things from her, namely that he has a new job that involves superhero assignments, she borrows a private plane, and using a beacon superhero costume designer Edna Mode built into his new suit, she uses it to track him to the remote island of Nomanisan to find out what’s going on and potentially save him from danger on her own, though not without packing a superhero suit that Edna recently made for her in case she needs it.
  • When Syndrome overhears her radio transmissions and sends anti-aircraft missiles to shoot her down, with the situation getting even worse when she finds out Violet and Dash stowed away, her top priority is to protect them, which she does by shielding them with her body when the missiles blow up the plane, which she thankfully survives due to wearing her new suit from Edna, which she made to be virtually indestructible.
  • Right after that when they’re all falling, she regains consciousness in time to form a parachute and break their fall into the water, and right after that when Violet and Dash become hysterical from their near-death experience, she snaps at them to calm down since as it is, they’re stranded out in the ocean, so panicking would only make things worse, and she assures them that they’re going to survive.
  • After they calm down, she helps them get to the island by forming the shape of a boat and instructing Dash to act as a propeller, and once they make it, she compliments him on the hard work he did to get them there.
  • When they’re hiding out in a cave, she instructs Violet and Dash to stick together and protect each other while she infiltrates the base on her own to rescue Bob, as well as keep their identities safe by wearing the suits and masks Edna made for them. Most importantly, she also gives them permission to use their powers if they run into Syndrome’s men despite previously discouraging that since she warns that they’re the type of people who won’t exercise restraint because they’re children and will kill them if given the chance.
  • Before she leaves, she apologizes to Violet for demanding that she put up a force field big enough to shield them from the anti-aircraft missiles and acknowledges it was unfair to suddenly expect so much from her. She also leaves her with some words of encouragement, telling her to not think or worry too much, because when the time comes, she’ll know what to do since it’s in her blood.
  • Whilst she does punch Mirage, she was only doing it to save her husband.
  • She plays a key part in defeating the Omnidroid during the climax after it’s gone out of control and is on a rampage in Metroville after Syndrome loses control of it by getting a hold of its remote control, then waiting until exactly the right moment to press it to allow Bob to use one of its own separated claws to destroy its power source, likely saving many people by doing so.
  • When Jack-Jack gets away from Syndrome using his shapeshifting abilities, who was trying to abduct him to get back at the Parrs for foiling his plan and flying him up to his jet, she saves him from falling to his death.

Incredibles 2

  • When the family tries to foil a new supervillain who emerges named the Underminer, she halts traffic on an overpass since the middle of it is about to be destroyed by his incoming machine, ensuring that all vehicles are safely on one side or the other and preventing any casualties.
  • When the Underminer retreats with the money he stole from a bank, but leaves the machine running, with help from Bob, she detaches the boiler from the rest of it to prevent it from destroying City Hall.
  • Winston Deavor chooses to rely on her in the first steps of his campaign to help superheroes regain the public’s trust specifically because she’s a lot better at avoiding collateral damage than Bob, who’s just as well-meaning, but more accident-prone. She’s initially nervous to accept, but does so after Bob encourages her and promises to take on the task of looking after the kids while she’s accepting secret missions from Winston.
  • She saves an entire train full of people at the opening ceremony for a new hovertrain when Screenslaver hijacks it by brainwashing the driver and making it go in reverse by preventing it from derailing at the end of the line, resulting in zero casualties, and doing it without causing any collateral damage.
  • She saves an ambassador, her bodyguards and the pilot flying the helicopter they were using when Screenslaver brainwashes the pilot of another helicopter through their screen to crash into theirs. First, she pushes the pilot and bodyguards into a pool of water below after checking with them to make sure they know how to swim, then because the ambassador admits she can’t swim, she instead slingshots her and herself out and forms a parachute before the helicopter crashes.
  • Because of these successful missions, Winston’s campaign to help superheroes earn the public’s trust again gains so much momentum that the push for superhero legalization starts to become a worldwide movement.
  • In turn, this allows various supers like Voyd, He-Lectrix, Brick, Krushauer, Screech and Reflux, whom Winston flew in from around the world, see her as an inspiration and aspire to do good in the world, to come out of hiding.
  • Despite seemingly tracking down and defeating the Screenslaver, she insists that the situation seems off, and after doing some more digging, she manages to figure out the person she defeated and got arrested was just an innocent pizza deliveryman after all who was brainwashed by hypno-goggles, though discovering this causes Evelyn Deavor, Winston’s sister and the real mastermind behind the Screenslaver, to use a pair on her to capture her.
  • She was genuinely hurt by Evelyn’s betrayal, saying she counted on her, and despite Evelyn mocking her for doing so since they barely knew each other, she retorted that she could still count on her anyway.
  • After Jack-Jack manages to slip her hypno-goggles off and free her from Evelyn’s control, she quickly frees both Bob and Lucius Best/Frozone as well by getting their goggles off and destroying them.
  • She then helps free the rest of the superheroes that Evelyn used hypno-goggles on and goes after Evelyn to apprehend her when she tries to escape on a helicopter, but only after the rest of her family assure her that they can handle the task of preventing Winston’s yacht from crashing into the city without her help.
  • With help from Voyd, she manages to get on the plane and defeat Evelyn. While this involves shooting her oxygen tank and causing her to fly out through the window, it was necessary due to her dying of hypoxia (a lack of oxygen), and even more admirably, despite everything she did, she immediately goes after Evelyn and saves her from falling to her death.
  • Thanks to a combination of her previous efforts and the others stopping the yacht from crashing into the city, superheroes around the world are made legal again, allowing many who have a genuine desire to help make the world a better place get the chance to do so.


  • Helen Parr/Elastigirl is one of two characters from The Incredibles who's considered Pure Good along with Winston Deavor.
  • She used to be on the Near Pure Good Wiki before she got approved.

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