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Guys--you know me. I'm no good at endings. At letting things end. So let's not.
~ Sobeck's most famous quote.

Elisabet Sobeck is the overarching protagonist of the Horizon video game series, serving as a major and posthumous character in Horizon Zero Dawn and as a minor character in Horizon Forbidden West.

Considered to be one of the most influential geniuses of the 21st-century, Sobeck spent most of her career in fixing the ancient world from the issues that gripped the planet for decades, and would invent several initiatives in order to prevent it from happening. She would later play a pivotal role in posthumously restoring all life on Earth, through Project Zero Dawn, after it was ravaged from the Faro Plague. Her efforts of sacrificing herself gave Earth a second chance to live after the extinction event.

Sobeck is voiced by Ashly Burch, who voiced Aloy and Beta.



Sobeck is a woman, close to her mid-40s, with short red hair and green eyes. Her clothing includes a futuristic-looking grey blouse and slacks, as well as a blue shirt on the inside and brown shoes.


Sobeck was a talented and caring scientist who dedicated her life to improving the world in which she lived, a quality she inherited from her mother Miriam Sobeck, whom she had known since she was a child. Her great desire to make a positive change drove her to seek a profession in robotics and engineering, where she could design robots that were both environmentally friendly and beneficial to humans.

Sobeck's altruistic and pacifistic nature lead her to be passionately opposed to the use of technology in military applications. Part of the reason is why she quit Faro Automated Solutions when the company announced plans to enter the military technology field, after she grew disillusioned by the company's dubious business practices.

Sobeck loathed people like Ted Faro, who cared only about their public image and financial gain at the expense of their life, as shown during the events of the Faro Plague that he only accepted the deal to fund Zero Dawn, as means to save face rather than being responsible for his involvement.

Sobeck was adamant about finishing Project Zero Dawn and bringing life back to the world after extinction. The tremendous death toll wrought by the Faro Plague was a source of great distress for her. She emphasized the need of empathy, stating that in order for GAIA to fulfil its mission, it must be able to experience emotions and care for others. She was selfless and resolute beyond all else, eager to sacrifice her life to save Zero Dawn and her fellow Alphas from the Plague.


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What Makes her Pure Good?

In General

  • In the "GAIA Log: 3 Feb 2065" datapoint, Sobeck told GAIA that after setting fire into a pine tree and killing off baby birds in a nest, which caused by her electronics kit during her childhood, she admitted that she once yelled at her mother in the past. Sobeck would then tell GAIA that her mother once told her about using her smarts for something good to save the world, rather than ending it, whom she takes it to heart, and the origin of her deeply altruistic personality.
  • Sobeck is pacifistic, who is often vehemently opposed of technology being used in the fields of military.
  • While she often gets uptight and ticked off, especially towards Ted Faro after he caused the Faro Plague, Sobeck, nonetheless, does not resort to violence.

Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Founded Miriam Technologies after her departure from Faro Automated Solutions, and focused on the environmental issues that still plagued the ancient Earth. Her efforts led her to receive awards and accolades for her success.
  • When Faro Plague reached its peak, Sobeck would single-handedly proceed to initiate Project Zero Dawn, a top-secret terraforming system that will restore all life on Earth, including the biosphere, flora, fauna, and importantly the human race after its extinction from the Plague. Despite the project's extreme secrecy and the sacrifices needed for the project, Sobeck was willing to take the calculated risk as means to save her planet from extinction.
  • Willingly, albeit reluctantly, installed a kill-switch on the newborn GAIA, instead of refusing Faro's offer, given that the AI would go rogue at any time.
  • Empathised the loss of living organisms outside the now-inhospitable atmosphere of planet Earth, in one of her conversations with GAIA.
  • While initially pessimistic about Zero Dawn failing, due to unforeseen consequences that would arise, thanks to GAIA's reassurance that it would be successful, Sobeck would later continue the project up to its completion.
  • Sacrificed her life to save GAIA and the Project Zero Dawn Alphas from the Faro Plague and seal GAIA Prime's malfunctioning doors, after the facility's doors opened at a seam big enough for the Faro Robots to detect the AI's signal. Prior to her death, she would reassure the other Alphas to take care of themselves one last time. Her sacrifice paved the way for a new life on Earth, thus giving the planet a second chance to live again, in spite of the APOLLO sabotage.

Horizon Forbidden West

  • In the past, she and Travis Tate (the Alpha Hades of Zero Dawn) stopped Far Zenith from stealing GAIA for their own purposes.
  • While initially angry at Tilda van der Meer first, who told her that their deal was over, after the Zenith's attempted theft of GAIA, Sobeck would later willingly to give a copy of APOLLO and its database to her. Eventually after many centuries, this APOLLO database will prove to be extremely vital to restoring the knowledge of the Old Ones to the new humanity after Faro's sabotage.

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