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Elizabeth Liones is the deuteragonist of the manga/light novel series The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as it's anime adaptation. She is the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, an adopted daughter of King Liones, and the most current reincarnation of Goddess Elizabeth.


Elizabeth was originally from the Kingdom of Danafor before it's destruction, where she was afterwards adopted by King Liones and became the third princess of his Kingdom. After the Kingdom of Liones was conquered and invaded by the Holy Knights, she sought out and found the Seven Deadly Sins in order to help her take back her Kingdom.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • despite originally being a goddess who are benevolent beings by her mother's actions shows that she (and her clan) have moral agency
  • She saved both Monspeet and Derieri from their corruptions.
  • After the Holy Knights seized control over her kingdom, she decided to set out and recruit the Seven Deadly Sins on her own in hopes of them helping her take back the Kingdom of Liones.
  • She highly admires her older adoptive sister Margaret for her kind-hearted and responsible personality.
  • She is endlessly loyal and supportive towards Meliodas due to the nostalgia and familiarity she feels from him, to the point where he outright states that he'd have no reason to live if she died.
  • She is often naïve at Meliodas' lewd and sexually suggestive behaviour towards her, showing she lacks malice and is absolutely chaste.
  • Upon believing that Diane was in danger the first time she met her, she Hawk and Meliodas rushed to her aid.
    • While Diane at first considered Elizabeth as her love rival, she showed no form of envy and got along great with Diane in further episodes.
  • She felt guilt for Dr. Dana's death at the hands of Golgius.
  • She often feels remorseful for her inability to participate with the sins during battles, seeing herself as a load to them.
  • She was very upset when Meliodas was imprisoned in the Goddess Amber by Veronica.
  • After lashing out at Veronica, she eventually came to realize how much her sister truly cared about her and broke down crying in remorse for how she treated her. As well as how her trapping Meliodas was because she wanted to protect her.
  • She was devastated upon Hawk sacrificing himself for her and the other sins, and was, like the others, overjoyed when he came back to life (albeit in a shrunken form).
  • She, along with the Seven Deadly Sins, helped take the Kingdom of Liones back from the Holy Knights.
  • She agreed to help Meliodas look for the final sin, Escanor, when he told her about the one missing member of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • After Meliodas was overtaken by his evil side, she agreed to serve as the new leader for the Seven Deadly Sins during the second Holy War.
  • She always heals the injured during battles.
  • She lacks the corrupting qualities that many of the other Seven Deadly Sins heroes have such as perversion (i.e., Meliodas), sloth (i.e., King), wrath (i.e., Diane, Meliodas), or arrogance (i.e., Ban, Escanor).


  • She is the only Seven Deadly Sins hero to be pure good.

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