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Battle Unicorn, Charge!
~ Emerald's command to activate her bracer's mystical power.

Emerald Goldenbraid (also known as "Em" for short) is one of tthe main characters of Mysticons.

She is the best friend of Arkayna.

She is voiced by Evany Rosen.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She protects Piper using her shield, even though Piper and Zarya wanted to steal the dragon disk.
  • She and Piper rescued Arkayana and Zarya, while quietly taking out the guards watching over them.
  • She saved the miners from the cave-in.
  • She fought off some of the crab servants.
  • She saved a Dragon Train with her Mini Mech.
  • When Zarya says that she's freaking out because Captain Kaos is ruining her life again, She and Arkayna promise that they won't let that happen.
  • She helped Zarya create a special conditioner.
  • She defended Eartha when the Vexicons call her the weakest link.



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