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Erandur is a Dunmer sorcerer in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A former priest of the daedric prince Vaermina, he later defected from the cult and became a priest of the more benevolent aedra Mara. Initially he tried to put his past behind him, but upon hearing word that the town of Dawnstar was being plagued by vivid nightmares, he realized that he had to return to Nightcaller Temple and free the town from Vaermina's curse.

What makes him Pure Good?

  • He renounced his devotion to Vaermina and fled Nightcaller Temple before the Miasma could set in on him.
  • Once he escaped Nightcaller Temple, he became a priest of Mara, and devoted his life to helping individuals under her devotion.
  • Upon hearing about the nightmares plaguing Dawnstar, he returned to Nightcaller Temple in order to free its citizens from Vaermina's curse.
  • He tried to reason with Brothers Veren and Thorek as to why the Skull of Corruption needed to be destroyed, and even though he was forced to kill them, he immediately regretted the action, claiming that they were like family.
  • He sent the Skull of Corruption back to Oblivion, ending Vaermina's curse once and for all.

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