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Eri is a major character in the 2016 manga/anime series My Hero Academia. She is a young little girl who has a Quirk that allows her to rewind and reverse any states of what is living, she is also a victim under Overhaul's hands before Izuku and Mirio rescued her from his hands.

She is voiced by Seiran Kobayashi in the Japanese version of the anime and Emily Neves in the English version.



Eri is presented as a very scared, insecure and depressed child. Due to the unethical experiments performed on her by Overhaul, she is extremely traumatized and utterly terrified of Overhaul. Eri is also very insecure and self-loathing due to having accidentally killed her father, and because Overhaul would constantly belittle her and place the blame for the people he murdered on her shoulders. Despite this, Eri is incredibly kind, as noted by Mirio, since she chose to return with Overhaul when she saw him preparing to kill Izuku and Mirio in order to protect them. Eri did this again during the hero raid when Izuku was fighting Overhaul, openly saying she would go with him so he wouldn't kill anyone else. After being rescued, she slowly began to overcome her horrible childhood and gained the ability to smile.

Power and Abilities

Eri is a young girl with no strength or fighting abilities, though she possesses a tremendously powerful quirk called Rewind. This quirk allows her to rewind anything to a previous state of existence, though it only works on living organisms. It also allows her to heal injuries, allowing Izuku was able to use One For All at 100% since she was rewinding the damage his body received. However, due to her young age, she was unable to control it, as she accidentally erased her father from existence and nearly killed Izuku were it not for Eraserhead's intervention. However, after some training, she gained enough control of her quirk to restore Mirio's Permeation.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Though she did erase her father from existence with her Quirk, this was an accident since she had no control of her power. She felt extreme guilt for this afterwards.
  • She sacrificed herself when Chisaki was about to kill Izuku and Mirio, thus going back to being tortured under his hands for the sake of keeping them safe.
  • She doesn't show any anger or resentment towards Izuku or Mirio for abandoning her in the alleyway.
  • She feels incredibly saddened when she sees Overhaul killing the minion who accidentally let her escape, experiencing tremendous guilt for anyone killed at his hands.
  • When the heroes arrive and Mirio rescues her, she tries to plead to him to not get involved for his sake, otherwise Chisaki would attempt to kill him again. But upon seeing Mirio fought Chisaki for her sake, she began admiring him for what he did, and soon after, wanted to repay him for what he had done for her, using her Quirk to undo Chisaki’s fusion with Shin Nemoto, reviving Nemoto back to life and helping the heroes in the fight with Overhaul.
  • She apologizes to Izuku and the others because she believes everything that is happening to be her fault.
  • Eri attempts to hand herself over once again to Overhaul so that Izuku and all of the other heroes would be spared, preparing to endure the same fate to keep all of the others safe.
  • She finally makes the decision upon acknowledging Izuku and Mirio's determination to save her, as she flew into Izuku's hands.
  • Activates her Quirk to support Izuku in his battle against a monstrously fused Chisaki. Upon hearing Izuku's words that her Quirk is a blessing, she was touched and driven to tears of gratitude. Her quirk undos the damage from using 100% of One For All, allowing Izuku to fight at full power against Overhaul and defeat him.
  • After Izuku defeated Overhaul and started dying as a result of Eri’s quirk, she desperately tried to stop herself from accidentally getting him killed too.
  • When Overhaul prepares to attack, she uses her Quirk to undo his transformation again, reviving Rikiya Katsukame after Overhaul fused with him and allowing Ochaco to apprehend Chisaki and put an end to the fight.
  • After the Shie Hassaikai was arrested and was placed on the hospital, Eri apologizes to Izuku and Mirio for everything that has happened. But they insisted she had nothing to apologize for.
  • When Neito is unable to copy her quirk, Eri apologizes for causing so much trouble even though there is no reason for her to apologize.
  • After hearing Izuku talk, she becomes determined to train her power and use it to help others.
  • Later onward in the Paranormal Liberation War arc, she finally has control to her Quirk thanks to Aizawa and returns it back to Mirio. When Mirio apologizes for asking her to use her powers like this, Eri assures her not to worry, and with tears in her eyes, explains that she's been training in order to help Mirio and repay him. This allowed him to be back in action as he saves Best Jeanist from one of the High-End Nomu and restrains Gigantomachia from causing more destruction.
  • Eri never shows any true hatred or malice towards Overhaul even after the horrendous physical and psychological torture he put her through.
  • Despite the series' high admirable standard, Eri is notable for being comparably admirable to many of the other series' most upstanding heroes despite being a child, and for that same reason, has much less resources, but manages it anyway by playing a big part in Overhaul's defeat and helping other heroes save many innocent lives.

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