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The Fairy Queen is one of the supporting protagonists in the 2003 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film Barbie of Swan Lake. She is the ruler of Enchanted Forest and a cousin of the evil wizard, Rothbart.

She is played by Teresa Rivera and voiced by Kathleen Barr.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Many years ago, she and Rothbart are cousins which they having treating as kind friendship. As her uncle choosing her as the successor and not Rothbart, but its was thinks, Rothbart becomes setback as he now practice to the dark magic and becomes a powerful wizard for himself, turning all the elves into animals and forcing building a new territory for him.
  • Upon Odette arrival in the forest, she watching her to sought the crystal as Lila, who being tying in the branch that is free out.
  • She sees Rothbart and his daughter to appearing in attempting to makes protest with Odette, and turning on her into a swan. Despite this, she forcing her cousins to leaving which then about that how makes Odette and the elves turning back to their human forms. Her magic is too weak and now to changing the spells by any possible.
  • She is very good-hearted, loyal, honorable, selfless, wisdom, and friendly to Odette and her friends.
  • She doesn't try to kill her cousin and only stand up to him for what he did it.
  • She teaching Odette to have learning a ballet dancing upon they meet a library troll Erasmus.
  • After Erasmus was captured by Rothbart, she tries to stop him but her magic power is not enough although believing the matters.
  • With riding Lila's carriage, she along with Ivan and Carlita to save Odette from Rothbart and Odile.
  • Despite managed to against her cousin, she eventually transforming into a mouse after she failed to defeated him.
  • She help Odette and Daniel to defeated Rothbart and the forest wants to be recovered.
  • However, upon Rothbart's defeat, she turned back into a humanity and following attending Odette and Daniel's wedding at the forest.
  • She doesn't becomes selfish and arrogant likes her cousin.


  • She is one of the only two characters from Barbie of Swan Lake to be Pure Good, along with Princess Odette.
  • She is the only Teresa's character to be Pure Good.

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