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I'm a black man carrying the stars and stripes. What don't I understand? Every time I pick this thing up, I know there are millions of people who are gonna hate me for it. Even now, here... I feel it. The stares, the judgement. And there's nothin' I can do to change it. Yet, I'm still here. No super serum, no blond hair, or blue eyes. The only power I have is that I believe we can do better.
~ Sam Wilson to the public, being the new Captain America.

Samuel "Sam" Thomas Wilson, also known as Falcon and later as Captain America, is a major character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a major character of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, a supporting hero of Ant-Man, a major character of Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, and one of the titular protagonists of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

He is portrayed by Anthony Mackie.



Falcon is a witty yet personable and compassionate hero. Having fought for the Air Force and losing his partner in battle, Sam understands the horrors of war and loss and actively counsels those who've experienced these horrors as well. He's extremely committed to helping his friends, not hesitating to aid Steve in destroying HYDRA's Helicarriers and choosing to break the law by violating the Sokovia Accords. He even went out of his way to find Bucky, the Winter Soldier, and help in protecting him and proving his innocence for the bombing in Vienna.

Sam possesses a great sense of empathy for others. Unlike many others, Sam wanted to talk to Karli and try to find a way to settle things with her peacefully in spite of her acts of terrorism. Even after she held the GRC hostage, Sam continued to try and reason with her and drive her away from the path of violence. He's also a very good supportive figure, having counseled many soldiers, including Steve, and also giving Bucky some important advice to help him atone for his past.

Power and Abilities

Sam is an extremely formidable combatant. He possesses years of combat experience and different fighting styles using a combination of close-quarters combat and weaponry. Sam is also an expert in using his EXO-7, which allows him to travel through the air at high speeds. With his specialized jetpack, he's capable of increasing the force of his attacks through a built-up in momentum. After training, Sam became adept at using Captain America's shield and now uses it in conjunction with his set of wings.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

In General

  • Like Steve, Sam has only killed when necessary and when under the rules of war, admonishing those who kill needlessly such as Zemo and Walker.
  • Despite the massive admirable standard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sam manages to stand out with his actions and the fact he does not have any super strength or supernatural abilities.


  • As a soldier, he fought for the Air Force for many years, helping capture several terrorists and protecting his country.
  • After quitting the Air Force, he became a counselor for soldiers with PTSD and helps all of them move past their trauma.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • He acts as a close friend and figure of support for Steve, spending time with him and giving him advice on how to adjust to living in a new era.
  • He gives Steve and Natasha a place to stay after they're attacked by HYDRA, and doesn't hesitate to offer his support in finding out about HYDRA's true plan.
  • He saves Steve, who's frozen in shock upon seeing the Winter Soldier is actually Bucky, from being shot by the Winter Soldier.
  • He once again saves Steve when he falls off one of the Helicarriers.
  • He assists in the operation to take down the Helicarriers and put an end to HYDRA, saving millions of lives in the process.
  • He decides to help Steve in his search to find Bucky.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • He joins the Avengers in stopping the last remnants of HYDRA and destroying Ultimo, a robot made from the parts of the Ultron Sentries.

Captain America: Civil War

  • In spite of having fought against Scott, he holds no grudge against him and even views him as an ally which he calls upon in the future.
  • He aids in the operation to stop Crossbones and his mercenaries, saving the life of Black Widow when she's surrounded.
  • Upon learning that Bucky supposedly attacked the Vienna International Centre, Sam helps Steve in locating and defending Bucky, going against the Sokovia Accords and breaking the law all for the sake of his friend.
  • He helps Steve by recruiting Ant-Man to their team to better stand against Tony and his team.
  • When War Machine is hit by Vision's blast that was meant for Sam, he attempts to save him from falling. Upon seeing him grievously injured, Sam attempts to apologize to Tony.
  • He's one of the only Avengers not to be enraged at Tony for his betrayal and having him arrested. The first thing he asks Tony is how Rhodes was doing. He then gives Tony some help by informing him of what Steve discovered and where he's going to next.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • After being freed from the Raft and going on the run with Steve and the others, he saves Wanda and Vision when they are attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive of the Black Order.
  • He is part of the army who fights against the Outriders in the Battle of Wakanda, then attempts to stop Thanos when he arrives to steal the Mind Stone.

Avengers: Endgame

  • He takes part in the Battle of Earth after having been resurrected by the Hulk.
  • He kneels to honor Tony's sacrifice and is present at his funeral.
  • As Steve was going back in time to return the Stones and Mjølnir from where they were taken, he asks if he could come along and help, but Steve politely declines as he knows it was his last job before his retirement.
  • When Steve decides to give Sam his shield, he's genuinely touched, thanking his friend and promising to do his best.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • After the Avengers are disbanded, he returns to working for the Air Force, where he successfully completes his mission to rescue Vassant, a captain of the Air Force, from Georges Batroc, a leader of the terrorist organization, LAF.
  • Despite not being close, Sam still tries to keep in contact with Bucky and act as a supportive figure in his life.
  • He believes he is not worthy to carry Captain America's shield and mantle, and in his attempt to honor Steve's legacy, he decides to retire the shield to the Smithsonian.
  • He tries to help his sister when the family business is going under by finding banks who would give the family loans.
  • Though he's shocked and disappointed that Captain America's shield was given to John Walker (although the U.S. Government should've respected Sam's wish and move on without causing too much conflict), he does not approve of Bucky's suggestion of forcibly taking the shield from him.
  • Upon meeting Sharon in Madripoor, he feels incredibly guilty for forcing Sharon on the run and apologizes for what she had to go through, even promising to help get her pardoned if she helped stop the Flag Smashers and locate the scientist who created the new Super Soldier serum.
  • Sam is shocked when Zemo shoots Wilfred Nagel, angered that Zemo chose to mercilessly kill the scientist.
  • Sam convinces John Walker and the others to allow him to speak to Karli alone, opening up to her and attempting to get her to stop her acts of terrorism while sympathizing with her pain and her cause.
  • When Zemo asks if Sam would ever consider taking the serum, he says he wouldn't, actually impressing Zemo with his refusal to grab more power.
  • He only takes the shield from Walker after he brutally kills the defenseless Nico in public and refuses to hand it over when they ask him to.
  • After reclaiming the shield, he goes to talk to Isaiah to learn about his past, his experiences as an African American Super Soldier, and is greatly saddened upon hearing what Isaiah had to go through thanks to the American government.
  • He helps Sarah restore the family boat and is extremely relieved upon hearing her say that she can't sell the boat, wanting to preserve their family's history.
  • He begins to open up to Bucky, giving him advice on how to atone for his crimes as the Winter Soldier and to stop relying on others to tell him who he is.
  • He finally accepts the mantle of Captain America, training to strengthen his body and skills with the shield to best live up to his responsibilities as the new Captain America.
  • Even as Karli's acts of violence continue to escalate, Sam remains firm in his resolve to settle things peacefully with her.
  • He rescues the members of the GRC when they're taken hostage by the Flag Smashers in a helicopter.
  • He helps rescue other members of the GRC who're taken in a van and nearly fall to their deaths.
  • Upon meeting with Karli again, Sam tries to reason with her another time and make her understand that stacking so many bodies for her mission wasn't worth the cause and continues to steer her toward a better path.
  • When Karli is shot by Sharon Carter, Sam holds the dying girl in his arms and comforts her as she passes away. He then respectfully carries her body to give her a proper burial.
  • Sam refuses to refer to Karli as a terrorist, urging the members of the GRC to understand her reasoning, as well as the trouble she and countless others have had to go through, urging them to do better with the power and authority they have.
  • Thanks to Sam's speech and actions, the GRC are convinced to stop the Patch Act, which would've forced millions of people displaced by the Blip back to their home countries.
  • After the battle, he respectfully nods to Walker for helping save the hostages and siding with him, completely forgiving Walker for nearly killing him a few days prior.
  • He has a memorial and plaque of Isaiah built in the Smithsonian to honor Isaiah's legacy and the African Americans who were forcibly injected with imperfect Super Soldier Serum. He then compassionately embraces Isaiah, who is driven to tears of gratitude.
  • While Sam was slightly abrasive and hostile towards Bucky, it was never truly antagonistic. Furthermore, his reasoning makes sense, given that Bucky was the Winter Soldier who'd been responsible for countless assassinations and had nearly killed both Steve and Natasha on multiple occasions, even if he was brainwashed. As mentioned above, Sam also tried to keep in contact with Bucky, though Bucky refused to nurture the relationship. Eventually, the two do grow to become close friends and accept each other as such.
  • Sam's behavior toward John Walker is justified as well. Though he refused to work with Walker, Sam was given no warning or approval for the decision to give Captain America's shield to Walker. It was also clear that Walker didn't view either Sam or Bucky as equals when he referred to them as "Cap's wingmen". He also tried to remain civil and politely declined Walker's offer to work together since Walker required several more authorizations, whereas Sam and Bucky could work more freely. Later on, Sam managed to make peace with Walker and respectfully nodded in spite of their fight where Walker nearly killed both Sam and Bucky.

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