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Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera, also known as Gizmoduck, is a supporting protagonist from the DuckTales reboot. He is based on the character Fenton Crackshell from the original series, only here, he is given Cuban roots. Like his original counterpart, he is the alter-ego of Duckburg's iconic superhero, Gizmoduck.

He was voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

As a Civilian

  • He was repeatedly shown a strong desire to help others and make the world a better place, which is one of the main reasons he became Gizmoduck in the first place.
  • He temporarily left Gyro and worked for Mark Beaks after the former fired him, but only because Gyro wanted to destroy the Gizmosuit and Beaks was promising to help him use the suit more efficiently to help others. When it turned out he was only using him to help those who had the Waddle App with very frivolous requests as opposed to those who really needed it, like victims of actual crimes, he immediately regretted this and protested it.
  • He cared very much for his mother and was always trying to respect her wishes even when what she wanted for him didn't always coincide with what he wanted.
  • He played a big part in fighting Magica's shadow army after she seized Duckburg by combining Lil Bulb with Gyro's ray gun against them, with very effective results. He also saved Lil Bulb and Manny from a horde of the shadows by doing this. He managed this completely on his own even without the Gizmosuit.
  • In another notable instance without the Gizmosuit, he saved Huey and Webby from being by kidnapped by Mark Beaks after he turned into a monstrous, muscular version of himself with Gizmotech. He did this by exploiting his obsession with fame and social media to distract him, then with help from Gandra Dee, who had initially been working for Beaks, charged his Fentonium invention with nanite electricity and used it to destroy the nanite inside of Beaks, reverting him to normal.
  • He forgave Gandra even after finding out she was working for F.O.W.L., to the point of secretly working on the Gizmocloud with her to make scientific progress in a way that was safe and that could be accessed by and shared with the world for free. He also sympathized with her insecurity over what others would think of her based on past negative experiences where others misunderstood and harshly judged her ideas and inventions, and so agreed to keep the Gizmocloud a secret to respect her feelings. He even ends up encouraging her to not be so afraid of this anymore.
  • He encouraged Launchpad when he was being beaten up by Steelbeak by telling him he inspired him to be a hero in the first place, showing that he repaid him.

As Gizmoduck

  • He has repeatedly protected Duckburg from various threats.
  • When he made his debut, he saved Dewey, Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose and Mark Beaks when they were trapped with a rogue Lil Bulb/B.U.D.D.Y. driver.
  • After Beaks steals the suit and accidently overheated the suit's core processor and make it extremely unstable to the point of being about to explode, he took back control of the suit and used it to fly said core processor over the bay so it would explode a safe distance away from the city, which nearly got him killed. By doing this, he saved a considerable amount of people, and risked his life to do so.
  • He tried to greet the Moonlanders with a peace offering when they came to invade Earth, and when they stated attacking, he tried his best to rescue and/or protect any citizens he could. He later helped Scrooge in combating them by joining his ragtag group of allies to fight the Moonlanders and keep them busy while he broke though to reach Lunaris' mothership, which was seemingly parked on top of his mansion.
  • While he mostly protects Duckburg specifically, he is also shown to help out in other places where he is needed or could do some good. This is shown in "Let's Get Dangerous!", where he travels to Saint Canard and combats Bushroot, one of the supervillains from Darkwing Duck whom Taurus Bulba summons from another dimension with the Ramrod to wreak havoc on the city. He also foiled a jewel story robbery while he was in Japan in "Astro B.O.Y.D.!".
  • With the help of Huey, his mother and Gyro, he and Gandra are able to stop Mark Beaks from taking over the Gizmocloud so he could pre-steal other people's ideas before anyone would find out about them and take all the credit.
  • He helped the Ducks in their raid on F.O.W.L. to save Webby and Huey, and when Darkwing Duck tried to turn it into a competition, he tried to remain focused on what was important, like saving the hostages. For that matter, despite Darkwing Duck considering him a rival, he is still friendly towards him.


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