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Ferdinand is the titular protagonist of the 2017 movie of the same name. He is a pacifist bull.

He is voiced by famous WWE wrestler and Internet meme icon John Cena, and Colin H. Murphy as his younger self.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Out of all the characters, he stands out as a symbol of peace always showing love around him and the world.
  • While he is prone to making mistakes and causing accidents, he does show remorse for it.
  • He is against fighting or violence of any kind and never holds grudges toward his enemies.
  • He saves a baby whose carriage gets stuck on his horn while he’s running rampantly around the Flower Festival and accidently flings onto the overarching wires. In fact, a good chunk of the damage he causes is while he’s rushing to catch it before it falls.
  • On two occasions, he saves a random rabbit, the first time being when it happens to be in Angus’ way when he was charging at a barrel to train, and the second time being when it happens to get in the way of the truck they’ve hijacked to escape the ranch. He even gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when it gets a heart attack the first time due to nearly being trampled.
  • He generously allows the hedgehogs to take the food they were trying to steal from him since he insists he’s not hungry and isn’t bothered by it right after being brought back to the ranch.
  • Over the course of his time on the farm, he ends up being a positive influence to the other bulls in the farm to the point that they start seeing each other as more than fellow competition and even start befriending each other.
  • He comforts Bones after he cries in private over Guapo being taken to the slaughterhouse and tells him he’s always there to listen if he needs someone to talk to when he’s down.
  • He helps Angus with his sight problem by licking the hair covering his eyes and slicking it back, which gives him a fighting chance, gives him the simple, but greatly appreciated pleasure of viewing the ranch’s beautiful scenery, and raises his spirits.
  • He passes up a perfect opportunity to escape when he discovers that the bulls are always killed by the matador and goes back to warn the others, then subsequently encourages them to all escape together.
  • He goes to the slaughterhouse to save Valiente and Guapo and even influenced the former, who was his childhood bully and the most hostile to him in the present, to redeem himself and help him save Guapo.
  • He sacrificed himself by staying behind and allowing himself to be re-captured by Moreno and his men to make sure that the other bulls got away safely on the railroad cart, even if it meant being forced to fight El Primero and likely getting killed.
  • Even when facing El Primero, he refused to fight, and though he did temporarily hoist him up on his horns threateningly when he injured him as a kneejerk reaction, he calms down and was willing to let him finish him off. However this, display makes the audience sympathize with him and demand that he not be killed, which causes El Primero to spare him out of respect. This stand may have also very well made a small, but nonetheless positive difference in the way people see and conduct bull fights.

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