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You know, I thought all cats were supposed to be mean.
~ Fievel Mousekewits

Fievel Mousekewitz is the main protagonist of the 1986 Don Bluth film An American Tail, as well as its various sequels and television spin-off series.

He was voiced by Phillip Glasser and Thomas Dekker.


See Fievel's synopsis on the Heroes Wiki.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • After being separated from his family while they were all on their trip to America, he decided to go find them on his own.
  • He became friends with Henri shortly after meeting him which is what influenced the latter to help him find his family.
  • While he was initially afraid of Tiger, he soon realized that he was actually kind-hearted and harmless which led to him becoming friends with him who soon freed him from Warren's lair. This also led him to realize that not all cats were truly bad people.
  • Upon believing that his parents had either stopped looking for him or had died, he was absolutely devastated, breaking down into tears and stating "this is my home now" when ending up with the other abandoned children.
  • In the sequel, Fievel Goes West, he stopped Cat R. Waul and his gang before he could turn the other mice into burglars like them with the help of Tiger and Sheriff Burp.
  • He and the Native American mice defeated the rich cheese factory workers who abused his father for the sake of money in The Treasure of Manhattan Island.
  • In the final installment in the series, The Mystery of The Night Monster, he decided to investigate the recent kidnappings of multiple rodents.
  • He stood up to and defeated Madame Mousey.


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