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Flint Lockwood is the main protagonist of the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs franchise. He is a young scientist who created a machine to create food using microwave radiation in order to help his hometown, Swallow Falls.

He is voiced by Max Neuwirth as a child and Bill Hader (who also played Fear from Disney/Pixar's Inside Out) as a young adult.



Flint is a very energetic, optimistic and eccentric young inventor. Ever since he was a child, he was fascinated with science and constantly created new inventions to change the world. He is a very empathetic individual, as he created the FLDSMDFR in order to give the people of his town something to eat other than sardines, which tasted horrible. Due to being bullied for most of his childhood, Flint was somewhat naïve and easy to manipulate, as Mayor Shelbourne was able to convince him to continue using the machine in spite of the increasing size of the food, and Chester V was able to manipulate him into locating the FLDSMDFR to supposedly shut it down, when in reality he intended to reprogram it to be used by Live Corp. Despite this, Flint is capable of admitting his mistakes, and he quickly made the effort to make amends or fix his problems when he'd been manipulated.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

  • Ever since he was a child, he attempted to create inventions that would help the world and the people of Swallow Falls.
  • He created the Spray On Shoes as an invention to help children with untied shoes.
  • Throughout his adolescence and early adult years, he creates several inventions in his attempts to help the town, and though many of the inventions were defective or ended up causing chaos in the town, it was always unintentional and he did his best to fix any damage those inventions caused.
  • Flint treats his pet monkey, Steve, with respect and equality despite being a monkey.
  • He creates the FLDSMDFR in order to give the people of Swallow Falls something to eat other than sardines.
  • He feels incredible guilt when the FLDSMDFR accidentally destroys Sardine Land when it is overloaded with electricity.
  • He spends the next month taking the orders of the townspeople, making all of the townspeople very happy by giving them the chance to eat real food.
  • When Officer Earl goes to Flint's house to make a request on behalf of his son Cal, in spite of the way Officer Earl had treated him throughout his life, he accepts his request and makes it snow ice cream for Cal's birthday.
  • He made a Jell-O castle for Sam out of appreciation for being his friend and supporting him.
  • When Sam reveals that she'd been bullied as a child and called names, though he momentarily laughs, he quickly apologizes for it. He then makes a Jell-O scrunchie and puts on her glasses, calling her beautiful and encouraging her to be herself.
  • Flint takes his father out to a fancy restaurant to reveal the news that the mayor had asked Flint to cut the ribbon at the town's grand reopening ceremony.
  • After he sees the food is growing bigger, he considers turning the machine off and is reluctantly convinced to keep the machine on after being manipulated by the mayor.
  • Though he dismisses Sam's concerns about the dangerous storm cloud out of arrogance, after seeing how large the food had become, he realizes his terrible mistake and sprints to turn off the machine before it could hurt anyone else.
  • While he momentarily gives into despair, after being encouraged by his father, he is reinvigorated, downloading a kill code to shut down the machine.
  • When Sam is pricked with peanut brittle and goes into anaphylactic shock as she is lowering Flint down a hole, Flint cuts the rope before telling Brent to take Sam back to the ship to be treated.
  • He destroys the FLDSMDFR, accepting his fate as he sacrifices himself to save the world.
  • After the monkey thought translator reveals Tim's true feelings and how amazed he is by Flint's inventions, Flint embraces him and tells his father he loves him.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

  • When Chester V tells Flint that the FLDSMDFR survived the explosion and had begun creating half-food, half-animal mutants that were going to spread across the globe, Flint insists that he'd shut down the machine again to prevent the foodimals from destroying the world.
  • Though he initially becomes hostile towards Brent after having been told by Chester that he shouldn't trust his bully, after Sam reminds him that Brent had changed, he realizes his mistake and later apologizes due to being under so much pressure.
  • He reluctantly chooses to side with Chester against his friends only because he believed the fate of the world was at stake.
  • Upon realizing that the foodimals created by the FLDSMDFR weren't dangerous, he tries to stop Chester from shutting down the machine.
  • He apologizes to Barry the strawberry for having misjudged him and the rest of the foodimals.
  • He works with his dad and the rest of the foodimals to break into the Live Corps headquarters to rescue his friends and the imprisoned foodimals.
  • Even while fighting Chester, he goes out of his way to apologize to Sam and the others for his behavior, telling them that they're all his family.
  • Flint places the FLDSMDFR back in its original place, allowing the machine to continue creating more foodimals.
  • Flint and the rest of the gang accept Barb as one of them, forgiving her for having helped Chester for nearly turning all the foodimals into food bars.
  • He decides to go fishing with his father after putting it off for so long, then comes to actually enjoy the activity, asking his father if they could do it all the time, which he eagerly accepts.


  • He and Sam Sparks are the only two characters from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to be Pure Good.