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The name's Fox. Fox McCloud. My father passed away 5 years ago. To carry on his legacy, I brought his team out of retirement: Star Fox. The elite squadron he founded and died to protect. I've recruited the best teammates a squad leader could ask for, like a brilliant young inventor and close friend from my academy days, Slippy Toad. And Falco Lombardi, a hotshot flyboy who's kind of a handful, but also one of the best pilots I've ever met. Yep, like I said, the best teammates a squad leader could ask for.
~ Fox McCloud
I see 'em up ahead! Let's rock n' roll!
~ Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud is the main protagonist in the Star Fox franchise video games and is a very skilled pilot as well as armed and unarmed combat. He is the leader of the Star Fox team and often pitted against Andross, who was responsible for the deaths of his father, James McCloud as well as his mother Vixy Reinard McCloud. His choice of weapons is a blaster, and Fox carries around a reflector to defend against projectiles thrown at him and flies the his trademark Arwing for aerial combat, drives the Landmaster for ground missions, uses the Blue Marine for underwater missions and sometimes ventures on foot. He has a strong rivalry with Wolf O'Donnell who thinks of himself as a better pilot than Fox is.


Fox is an anthromorphic red fox with orange-brown fur and green eyes (sometimes blue), and his golden brown highlighted hair is cut to a crew cut and has a fluffy white tipped tail. His clothing differs from each game he appears in. In Star Fox, he is wearing an orange jumpsuit with a red scarf and metal boots. In Star Fox 64 and its remake, he wears a white flight jacket with his sleeves rolled up with a green suit, white gloves (black in the remake), and white and silver metal boots. In Star Fox Adventures it's mostly the same with the exception that he wears a vest. In Star Fox Assault, his flight suit drastically changes while retaining the green color, a as he has a silver vest, red knee and shoulder pads, silver gloves, and red and black tanker boots. In Star Fox: Command he returns to his Star Fox 64 outfit, but with his sleeves unrolled.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • When the Spyborg swats Slippy and sends him to Titania, Fox sets his course to the planet and when questioned by General Pepper about his route there, Fox explains that he can't leave Slippy behind, showing that he feared for his well-being.
  • Fox is more patient and tolerant of Slippy's antics than Falco and the others are and rarely gets annoyed at him.
  • He often had to take on Andross, due to him causing much suffering and destruction by initiating the Lylat War and shattering Sauria. Even though he eventually kills him, he had a good reason for using lethal force, considering the type of villain he is. He also battles the Aparoid Queen and has to kill her to eliminate all the Aparoids, which was also a necessary to use deadly force, considering that they assimilate with living and non-living organisms and threatened the lives of innocent people.
  • After Krystal is sealed away, Fox takes on the job of restoring Sauria on foot. Due to the Great Fox mothership and several other equipment being in disrepair, money was his priority to make necessary repairs, and it quickly becomes a matter of helping out, since it was the right thing to do. He would eventually rescue Krystal and take the fight to General Scales and later Andross.
  • Even though Fox has a strong rivalry with Wolf, he willingly lets him and his team fight alongside him after the latter rescues him from the Aparoids. Fox even shows concern for Star Wolf when they lure a deadly barricade of Aparoids away from his team.
  • He exhibited extreme reluctance in killing General Pepper when he was infected by the Aparoids and used against him so the latter can keep his honor.
  • When the shields bar his team from the Aparoid Homeworld, Fox was deeply sad when Peppy and ROB 64 sacrifice themselves by using the Aparoid-infected Great Fox as a battering ram to break through the defenses so they can get through to the final battle with the Aparoid Queen. Fox's reaction is understandable, as he saw Peppy as a father figure to him and already lost his real dad. He accepts the situation and leads his team to the planet without him to aid him. He is later overjoyed and relieved when Peppy and ROB survive with the use of an escape pod.
  • He resisted the Aparoid Queen's imitations to tempt his team into joining her (including one of his own father, who otherwise told him to not ever give up). In the epilogue, Fox gives his team credit and expressed his gratitude for their support.
  • While he did cause the extinction of the Aparoids, he wasn't xenophobic, genocidal or murderous as he had to kill them to defend himself, the lives of innocent people and his friends since they threatened the wellbeing of all of them.
  • While he and his team do part way temporarily for a break in Star Fox Command, once the Anglars start invading the Lylat System, they eventually come together to save the world from the Anglar empire.
  • While he did send Krystal out of the team, it was due to worrisome for her safety which he eventually was willing to make up for and showed real remorse for it.
  • Was also willing to invite Star Wolf to defeat the Anglar empire despite their rivalry, including Panther Caroso, despite the aforementioned member being in a love triangle rivalry with him since they are both in love with Krystal.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Fox and his team gets involved and teams up with the Starlink team of humans led by Mason Rana to counter the Forgotten Legion led by Grax and free the Atlas System from their grasp.
  • He saves Diddy from Rayquaza in Subspace and helps him find Donkey Kong, showing he cares for the lives of others.
  • Despite being brainwashed by Galeem along with every fighter, (excluding Kirby), it was clearly against his will; Fox does not side with the enemy upon being saved, nor does he want to, and instead continues to do good and free the rest of the fighters and take the fight to both Galeem and Dharkon.


  • It should be noted that all events of Star Fox: Command and its endings are non-canon.
  • He, Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Link, Pikachu (PokePark), Luigi and Ness make up the 8 out of the 12 fighters from the original Super Smash Bros. who are considered Pure Good.

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