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Gareth Peirce is a supporting character in the film In the Name of the Father. She is a lawyer who helps Gerry Conlon and the remainder of the Guildford Four be released from prisoner after getting falsely accused of committing a bombing.

She is portrayed by Emma Thompson.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She investigates into the cases of Gerry and Giuseppe Conlon after witnessing a prison protest on television declaring their innocence, believing their message holds weight.
  • She refuses to give up on convincing Gerry to help his father with the legal case, in spite of his selfishness, bitterness and hatred of lawyers, due to Giuseppe's declining health.
  • Eventually her efforts pay off as Gerry agrees to start co-operating, and investigates a tape-recording which narrate the events leading up to and after his prosecution. Through the tape, she finds a clue that she could use to prove their innocence. She further investigates the existence of Charlie Burke, a man who the police claim did not exist, but she discovered evidence they were the ones lying.
  • She pleads with Robert Dixon, the police officer responsible for falsely prosecuting the Guildford Four, to grant Giuseppe Conlon compassionate parole due to his poor health.
  • After Giuseppe's death, she is permitted to view his police files, and after accidentally passing a cold to the court clerk, is replaced upon her return. When she finds that the replacement is unaware of Dixon's order to prevent her from seeing Gerry's files, she seizes the opportunity and steals evidence of his innocence.
  • In court, she openly berates Dixon for what she has put Gerry, the Guildford Four and Giuseppe through, and produces evidence of their innocence, forcing the British government to release them.
  • She continues to campaign with Gerry to have Giuseppe's charges cleared posthumously.

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