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Gizmo is one of the two protagonists (along with Billy Peltzer) of the Gremlins duology. He is a mogwai who used to owned by Mr. Wing.

He is voiced by Howie Mandel.



Unlike the other members of his race, Gizmo is a very loving, affectionate creature who doesn't wish to hurt anyone. He greatly enjoys the company of his owners and accepts their kindness with open arms. He loves television, having used ideas he'd seen from previous TV shows and films for weaponry to use against the Gremlins. Knowing the consequences of his spawned mogwais, Gizmo attempts to do his best to stop himself from getting wet. He's exceptionally brave, going out of his way to defeat the Gremlins and stop their destruction.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his small size, Gizmo does not have any remarkable superhuman physical abilities. Despite his tiny body, Gizmo has shown to be remarkably intelligent and crafty, allowing him to wield electronics and weapons and even being able to make a bow and arrow out of office supplies. He possesses some dangerous powers that have caused great harm, which is the ability to reproduce through water and transforming into a gremlin, though Gizmo never underwent this transformation.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Gizmo always acts with a kind, curious attitude and never displays any violent behavior like his brethren.
  • He always trying to prevent to be wet and spawning new mogwais, which are trying to eat after midnight to evolve into evil creatures called Gremlins.
  • Unlike the other mogwais, Gizmo never tries to eat after midnight and chooses to remain good.
  • When Billy is fighting Stripe, Gizmo chooses to step in and intervene, exposing Stripe to sunlight before he could create more Gremlins.
  • He saved Kingston Falls from the Gremlin outbreak by killing Stripe and ending his reign of terror.
  • He saved Kate and Marla from Mohawk by setting him on fire.

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