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Haku is the deuteragonist of the 2001 animated Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away. He is actually a dragon (but doesn't speak in that form), who disguises as a human boy (in which, on the other hand, he does speak).

In the original Japanese version, he was voiced by Miyu Irino who also voiced Sora in the original Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts, in the English version, he was voiced by Jason Marsden who also voiced adult Kovu in The Lion King franchise, Red Star in Teen Titans, Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • When Chihiro was younger, he saved her from drowning when she fell into his river.
  • Despite the fact that humans drained his river and built buildings on top of where it used to be, he doesn't seek vengeance upon them.
  • At the beginning of the film, he guides Chihiro to a safe spot from approaching spirits on a raft. Since the spirits in the bathhouse didn't like Chihiro, he probably saved her from them.
  • He gave Chihiro a sweet from the spirit world so that she wouldn't vanish. This food also didn't turn her into a pig like her parents.
  • He guided Chihiro to the bathhouse so that she would be safe from Yubaba. While he did make her work, it was the only way to be safe from her.
  • When Chihiro was employed he acted cold and indifferent to her, however, it was only because he didn't want to anyone to know that he was helping her. If the other employees of the bathhouse knew, then it would jeopardize her chance of escaping the spirit world with her parents
  • He later comforted Chihiro by showing her parents to her while they were pigs, showing her that they were still fine.
  • When Chihiro's old clothes get taken away, he got them back so she could return to her world.
  • He gave food (which had a spell) to Chihiro to restore her strength, comforted her by saying that she had been through a lot and later told her that in order to have any chance to free her parents, she would have to:
    • Work extra hard, so that Yubaba wouldn't turn her into a pig.
    • Remember her name so that she would not be a slave to Yubaba, since if Chihiro had forgotten her name, she would not be able to be free of Yubaba's grasp.
  • When he was on the verge of death he saved Chihiro from falling into a pit.
  • It is revealed later on that during the time he was helping and supporting Chihiro, he was at least partially under Yubaba's control, making it all the more admirable.
  • He made a deal with Yubaba that he would bring Boh back to let Chihiro and her parents return to her world, by escorting both Chihiro and Boh back to the bathhouse.
  • He thanked Chihiro for letting him remember his name.
  • At the end of the film, he assures Chihiro that they would meet again.
  • He inspires Chihiro to at least some extent to be a Pure Good as well with his kindness (though this was also a result of the inner strength and goodness she already had being brought out as a result of being put in tough situations).
  • Despite being very serious, he is taken completely lightly and never darkens the story and mood of the movie.


  • He is one of the 2 Spirited Away heroes to be Pure Good, along with Chihiro Ogino.
  • He is the only Studio Ghibli Pure Good to be a kami. Because of this, he is the oldest Studio Ghibli Pure Good. He is also the only one to not be the main protagonist of the film he appears in.

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